Wisdom is not always the answer

“Youth is wasted on the young“— George Bernard Shaw

This saying is regularly espoused from the mouths of those who have lived a well-lived life.

For we have travelled many roads and made many a wrong turn.

And for reasons unbeknownst, we believe this places us in a more virtuous position than the young.

Wisdom cannot be bought, it must be acquired

Acquired through time, triumphs, trials and tribulations.

What age, experience, and acquired wisdom has taught me is that I do not know best.

Nobody knows best, we only know what we know, and sometimes knowledge can be your weakness.

Nobody can dispute this well worn saying;

The wisdom of hindsight can be a wonderful thing.

However, this only holds true where mistakes have been made.

The wisdom of ignorance is also a powerful friend.

When you are considering a new venture or adventure, it is better to fall head first into this new journey and see where it takes you.

Preconceived ideas and externally placed limitations are the enemies of new possibilities, experiences and creative thinking.

Experience has its value, but so does naivety and unconstrained enthusiasm.

So regardless of your age or experience, do what you think is the right thing to do.

Listen to the advice of others then act on your instincts.

And then own the outcome, whatever that may be.

For if you have failed, you have lived and learnt and therefore succeeded.

And if you succeeded, you have succeeded.

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