Have you heard Jesus call: follow me? These were the words he used to call his first disciples. Jesus used these two simple words to transform lives throughout the ages. He continues to use these words today. But what do they really mean?

When we go back to scripture and listen to the call, we may be surprised at the outcome of our response to these words. If we will listen, if we will say yes, if we will truly follow then we will see the incredible, the miraculous.

Stay with me as I answer the call and join me in this journey

Follow Me

Count the cost: Jesus warned us about this. You don’t start a building without counting the costing and making sure you can afford it. So this is the first thing you must do. Are you willing to truly follow. As you contemplate this answer, consider the next two steps.

Leave the old life. Jesus first disciples simply walked away. What is required of you here? Total abandonment is required. You cannot be selective. What gets left behind? Here’s a partial list:

Sin — a ‘no brainer’





Possessions and money




Dreams, hopes and aspirations



Anything else you can think of

If you think this list is too much, keep this in mind: God will selectively give you back some of these things, so please keep reading!

Get a new life. Jesus leads us into an incredible and indescribable new life. Here are some of the words that describe that life and some of the things we get with that life:



Kingdom values

Family and friends

Holy habits

Heir of all creation

God’s power and glory

Personal access to the throne of heaven

Peace, love and joy

Eternal purpose and impact

Daily lifestyle of accepting the leadership of Jesus in our lives. Jesus leads his disciples day by day. He gives strength, wisdom, insight and everything you need to follow today. Whatever challenge you may face, he has the resources you need. Simply following Jesus guides you along the best path for your life.

Daily growth in the things of the kingdom. When you follow Jesus, you will gain insight into the kingdom of God. You will become an active citizen in that kingdom that will never end.

Five Keys

Read and study scripture. This makes us open to revelation and helps us internalize God’s truth. When this happens, we do the right thing without thinking about it or struggling over it.

Allow the Spirit to speak. This follows our exposure to God’s word and a strong life of prayer. There is special revelation just for you and he will give you direction and insight.

Don’t color the truth with tradition. It is easy to understand biblical truth from the perspective of tradition. We must be careful to simply accept God’s word for what it is. Jesus consistently condemned putting too much emphasis on tradition at the cost of the truth of God. Understand the difference between biblical truth and tradition. You do that best when you know the scriptures. Tradition is fine as long as it doesn’t make itself equal to the authority of God.

Believe the voice of God. God still speaks. When we believe, we will hear more. When we harden our heart to his voice, we won’t hear his voice much longer. Our belief in his voice is demonstrated by our obedience.

Tell others — ‘witness.’ You should prep your witness statement. Try this:

Before I was like:

Then, Jesus happened, like this:

Now, I’m like:

Be spontaneous — what has God done lately in your life. Make sure you are always be ready.

What Happens When We Follow

There is unity. Christians argue about points of doctrine all the time. Sometimes those arguments get heated and cause us to act in ways that damage our witness. When we keep our eyes on Jesus and follow closely and obediently, divisions crumble.

The worldly things in our lives lose their luster. Even things as dearly held as traditions, sacred and secular, become far less important to us.

Love flows more easily. The closer we get to Jesus, the more his love flows through our lives. He is love!

Today, count the cost, take the step, follow Jesus! Let me know how it goes in the comments and by all means share this post with others, clap enthusiastically and change your world!


Visit Jim at JimTheFollower.com and find more of his work here

Jim helps people follow Jesus so they can live the abundant live and change the world. Leave a comment and visit him at JimTheFollower.com.
Jim helps people follow Jesus so they can live the abundant live and change the world. Leave a comment and visit him at JimTheFollower.com.

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