Why we need to be transported back to the first century to find the real story of Easter

I’m joining Five Minute Friday today with the word prompt “why?”

“Why?” I think this is the most asked question in our lives.

From the everyday:

Why can’t you remember?

To the deep:

Isn’t there peace?
Can’t people get along?

And to the deeper?

Why did Jesus have to die?

Right now I am doing a 440-daystudy of a book by David Kitz called “The Soldier Who Killed a King”. In the story the soldier at the Cross tells his tale of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem and all the events that follow.

Told with vivid language, and great characters we are swept away to 30 AD.

Times are different but also the same. Political rivalry mixed with religion.

And Jesus drops in — unexpected? No not really.

In prophecies his arrival had been foretold. But the people, although they hailed Him as King on Palm Sunday, backed away from Him a few days later.

David’s book helps us see the “why?” of Easter.

In the first few days we are pulled along by the crowd, singing “Hosannah”. Jesus exudes a confidence that far exceeds other leaders who entered the city. As David states:

This donkey-riding king wasn’t drinking from the crowd. I somehow sensed he was full already, and what he had within must have come from a different source (page 14, “The Soldier Who Killed a King”).

The Golden Gate where Jesus entered is also called the Messiah Gate. As clues from history unfold in this story we become conscious of all the factors surrounding the times.

I’m hooked.

I read.
I answer the questions.
I learn.

This spell-binding tale will help you find the passion of Easter. You will see this week as never before.

David’s book is sold everywhere.

Book Study with David Kitz and Janis Cox on Facebook

This week we started a book study online. It’s an experiment in community. We ask lots of “why” questions such as:

Why would an officer in the Roman army be alarmed by what he was witnessing at the city gate?
Why would Jesus’ preaching be risky at this time and place?
Three miraculous healings are mentioned. Which one of these healings did you find most impactful? Why?

This is day 3 of a 30 day writing challenge with Tom Kuegler. Check out his post about this challenge. My Powerful 1 Hour Routine for Quick Success on Medium


It’s not too late to join in our study. Purchase the book and join our group. Remember to answer 3 questions. Join us at Book Study with David Kitz and Janis Cox.

Visit Janis at JanisCox.com

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