Jesus The Business Man: Understanding The Business Principles Of Jesus.

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Jesus Christ is a Role Model For us all.

Especially in the area of purpose.

He was someone who greatly Impacted his world and that Impact is still felt to this day.

Christianity is built upon the Finished work of Christ. He made such Impact at the Prime of his life and there is a need for us to look just beyond the Power he deployed in doing that.

You also have to observe the principles that he used in starting and completing his earthly Ministry.

It is easy for us to fall into the Mentality of thinking that he achieved all he did on this Earth with divine power, but that’s not the case.

He was also Human and he made use of Life Principles in his work while on Earth.

He lived for just 33 years, but he left us with a lot of lessons and insight. And he made it clear to us that we have what it takes to achieve much greater things.

I am telling you the Truth, those who believe in me will do what I — and greater works shall you do. John 14:12

There are many things you can learn from Jesus that can be applied in your business.

Apart from being the Saviour of the World Jesus was also a great Businessman.

He always made it clear to people that his Priority on this Earth was his Fathers Business, everything other thing was secondary to that.

He did not need the approval of anyone before working on his Mission, he focused on his doing the will of his Father.

There are many people who are held back from pursuing what they are meant to pursue. They are scared of what people will say, or they are seeking validation from friends and family.

Jesus did not allow the Pharisees or even his family to keep him from doing the work that he came here to do.

His Mission was his only obsession and he directed all his available time towards it

I will proceed to talk about the major Principles that Jesus used in his Earthly ministry.

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He Was A Master of Attention

Jesus teachings always drew attention. It was fresh and something that people have not heard before.

It made them sit and listen to him for hours without even taking breaks for food.

He had to multiply the available bread and fishes in other to feed the over five thousand people that came to hear him speak.

The addition of physical food to the Spiritual food that he was giving the people also increased the amount of attention that he got.

He also fed 4,000 people on another occasion.

Come unto me all you that are heavy laden and I will Give you Rest (Matt11:28)

Ask and you shall receive (Matthew 7:7)

The teachings of Jesus gave people a new revelation of who God is.

People realized the possibility of having a one on one relationship with God, as opposed to the kind of Mosaic relationship where they had to go through a Priest.

In any field you find yourself, you are called to be like Jesus, there is a need for a constant provision of value.

The Internet is awash with all forms of uninspiring content, you need to offer people something fresh and Impactful.

Image SOurce by Ben White

He Was Good At Solving Problems

Jesus understood the problems of the people that he was trying to reach. Armed with that information, he knew the kind of things to offer them.

If you fail to understand the problems of the people that you are trying to reach, then you failed to discover why people need you in the first place.

Jesus did not only know how to get attention, he knew how to pay it. Listening to people is the first step in solving their problems.

We saw a prime example of this in his encounter with the Samaritan Woman.

Sitting by the well, he must have heard the complaints of the women that came all the way from the City to fetch water there and he would have also seen the discomfort in trekking the long distance.

By the time the Samaritan woman arrived, he already had a place of gaining common ground with her. He told her ;

All who drink this water will be thirsty again, but whosoever drinks of the water I give, will never be thirsty again.

That line caught the attention of the woman and she gave him Audience.

You need to be able to locate the pain points of people and offer solutions if you aim to be relevant.

Image by Kelly Kiernan

He Focused On His Area of Expertise

The major cause of adversity towards the ministry of Jesus was the kind of message that he preached. His message did not sit well with the Jewish teachers.

However, that did not make him change his message. He chose to remain in his area of expertise. He did not switch to teaching the Mosaic Law that was the standard at that time.

He made use of Parables to give the people a whole new insight of what the Kingdom of God is all about.

Don’t put your self in Unfamiliar territory in the name of moving to what is trending.

You have to check your self and find your area of strengths, double down on your strengths and ignore your area of weakness, no matter how shiny it looks.

Image by Ben White

He Equipped His Disciples

This is a place where many people fail the most. Especially those running businesses.

Jesus made a lot of Investments in the lives of people who were under him.

There are people who don’t want to train people under them. They are more worried about people leaving after being trained, than having a person who has limited knowledge working with them.

Anyone working under you is a representation of your business, their output will be tailored to the level of knowledge they have.

Their actions will also determine the public perception of your business.

Develop people. It is an Investment that will pay off greatly.

Jesus poured himself into the 12 disciples and they served as a foundation for the propagation of the Gospel worldwide.

I write about Life, Branding, Innovation and Blockchain. Visit me on Medium.
I write about Life, Branding, Innovation and Blockchain. Visit me on Medium.
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