The content of this piece is to share such a common challenge that many in the professional lifestyle face quite often. Ask yourself how many corporate style meetings you attend on a regular basis.
The motivation behind this article is to share the reality of our professional lifestyle challenges. We just spent the last two and half days at a corporate meeting at the Dolphin Hotel at Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL. What a great environment for a meeting of this nature. Imagine Epcot about a mile away, great weather and hospitality that can be best described, Simply Disney.

This meeting had over 200 attendees for a Group Purchase Organization annual meeting. The format included about 60 manufacturers and about the same in business owners, family and top performers with the distributors.


The format was about 30 consecutive 12-minute meetings both Monday and Tuesday. This is both a mental and physical grind for both of the involved parties. Staying engaged during the process can be challenging, but required for a consistent continuity.
The host felt like they had an obligation to supply an ample amount of hospitality themselves. This is what they did as support for the people.
Breakfast was supplied both days which included eggs, bacon and the broadest array of pastries, cereal, fresh fruit and of course yogurts, sound familiar. The 10:30 and 2:30 breaks included soft drinks, energy drinks, and a vast array of common snacks. Snacks that included pretzels, M & M’s, ice cream, nuts, sugar coated nuts and more.
Lunch was a great sandwich buffet one day with all the sides and condiments. And, don’t forget the vast array of desserts.
Think about this, most of the choices are either sugar or sugar making carbohydrates. What did I see, many fatigued overweight people attending this event? The temptation was way too high for most to not indulge…


With a lifestyle that has removed all these superficial fuel sources, the temptation was easy to resist. I was observing and listening to comments about fatigue and the grind. I never felt the fatigue or the erosion of energy, mental and physical. Not that the tasty foods aren’t enjoyable, but as a middle-aged professional you simply cannot consume like this and want to feel good. I’ve been there and have freed myself of the downfalls of bad food choices.
There were so many options that could have been offered to the group for the occupation of time and fuel that wouldn’t be so detrimental to their physical being.

Just Say No

The requirement of breaking the vicious cycle of food for fuel so you can simply say NO!
I highly recommend to my professional peers to consider making some detrimental changes to increase your daily enjoyment of life. It may seem challenging because it is. All the years of incremental decline are not impossible to reverse.
I persistently urge you to reach out and get some information from me. I am glad to share what I have learned and practiced for many years now. It’s not anti-social, it’s not boring and for the eating pleasure…it’s not birdseed. It’s simply discipline.
If you got this far into my article, you might be relating to this scenario. Don’t hesitate to drop me a note. At this point, it is simply up to you, why not?

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