a raw informative video from the early years

In the video, I show you how I prep Swiss Chard including several ways that I prepare it into meals.

to die for, braised radishes, asparagus, Swiss Chard, fennel and hemp seeds

What I love about this video is it is real. My house, my kids yelling in the background, me getting crazy ideas to make a dress out of Swiss Chard (45 seconds in).

Renee’s Kitchen, my kitchen, isn’t a fancy video production . . . it is a simple, mindful, soulful woman welcoming you into her world. I get that isn’t everyone’s bag.

If you want a fancy kitchen with chefs showing cleavage with a hair toss . . . I’m not for you.

My goal is to share information and get you 1/2 excited as I am about eating plants. If the video and my photos aren’t proof enough, you can read my resume.

I’ve spent my life in the kitchen, many years barefoot and pregnant, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. My love and creativity flow out of my kitchen. Food is life, why not make it sacred? Why not eat mindfully? You are a worthy temple, begin to treat yourself that way.

If you enjoyed this article and desire a more mindful 2018, let’s make it a priority to connect deeper. We are all walking each other home, let’s journey together.

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