Albert Einstein(A German Physicist known to me for the theory of relativity and Brownian movement), Newton( known to me for laws of motion), Nicolas Copernicus (Mathematician and Astronomer)are known to the world for there unmatchable and significant contribution to the world of science and its applicable principles.

Newton’s black and white picture printed in my school’s textbook smiles at me when I inscribe the word Force. Einstein’s theory was never close to me, a forbidden concept of e=mc²

 I couldn’t deal with the mathematical derivation and just mugged up the topic to pass the exam.

Adulthood was full of shitty metaphoric learnings. Right from the age-old tales to a philosophical application of principles of physics, chemistry and added more complication than any other form of learning.

Anger, attachment, outburst, obliviousness had been merged with laws of physics and chemistry. The random movement of particles resonated with my unstable thoughts and theory of relativity played havoc.

After injecting my soul with an extra dosage of pseudo-optimism; I added one term from the world of mathematics.

I acknowledged I lacked rationality.

 Now, I am stepping out of the land of metaphors and proverbs. I can’t continue to learn from nature or from and the principles of Physics and Chemistry. I wonder how I had been relating real-life incidents with laws of physics and nature.

Amongst the four rules of thermodynamics, the first one called the law of conservation of energy has been overrated in the landscape of love and relationships. It says-”Energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, it can only be transformed from one form to another.”

I wonder if I can equate it with love and sex. If Love and sex is a form of energy; love being a reflex action or hormonal imbalance adultery should be justified quoting the same laws(Although Supreme court of India passed a judgment that Adultery is not a crime).

No one can justify infidelity referring to the law of conservation of energy. Anger hormones take charge, trustworthiness, commitment, reliability, possessiveness becomes powerful action words.

 The laws of physics disappear.


 In this era when literature and philosophy are ingrained inside every cell of our body; laws of motion, the law of conservation of energy, the gravitational law seem to be overpowering and dictating the philosophy of life. Emphatically maneuvering through emotionally driven domains of life.

 Love and relationships.

 If I continue to interpret the law of transformation of energy, I will end up writing some silly definition that would replace the word energy with love or desire; to make it metaphoric or simply complicate the subject.

Precisely this is what I mean!

According to one of the laws of motion — “ If a body is at rest, it continues to be at rest until some external force acts upon it.” I take it as -when we learn to tolerate shit, we continue to do it until it intoxicates the whole living system.

I equate it with my real non-numerical derivation which says let Physics be a subject. Because technically if I began to reflect on life through this principle, I should end up turning the pages of Physics book and understand that this principle is about moving objects like bus and the passengers.

I fit into this formula as long as I am a passenger, looking through a window, observing traffic on the road and maybe cursing myself for not booking a cab.

 The driver, the speed at which he is driving the bus and his skills to control the speed before applying the break decides the intensity of Jerk a passenger would experience. Now, this is not directly proportional to the magnitude of heartbreak in a relationship and any mishap happening in human life.

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Depends.

 In life, we react in case of no activity. A ball thrown at the wall comes back with the same intensity as it has the quality to bounce. Try this with a stone. Yes, we know it can not leap. We learn lessons from our past, past responses, the intensity of suffering; not through the principles applied in the physical world.

That is a universal law taught in every corner of the world in university and Junior colleges as a part of academic curriculum.

 No one prescribed them as lessons of life or a formula to be implemented while handling a heart drenching situation in life.

 Relating metaphors and principles in life metaphorically in every challenging situation leads us nowhere.

 I suppose that’s how the word “Thoughtfulness” was coined. The heart is bound to perform the vital functioning of pumping blood to other parts of the body and beat rhythmically-Lub-Dub.

Heart, being a vital organ has been overrated and romanticized unlike other organs like liver, kidney including the mastermind Brain. Heart and love are two primary attributes of a love story, be it a tragic tale or a happy ending.

Treachery, lechery, adultery, and polygamies are few words I have been using in sketching a plot, and none of the tales began or end without Love and heart, heartbreak.

I have begun to look at life in its existential form where I would not mend or restructure any principle of Science to comfort me. Land of metaphors is not a safe territory learn all the significant lessons of life.

Are you expanding your metaphoric boundaries like me?

If you’re enjoying this site, thank Nicole. She’s the creative mind behind She’s also the community-building guru who can help you build your own thriving communities online; check out her resources at If you’re more into health and wellness, Nicole can help there too! Find a wealth of health at
If you’re enjoying this site, thank Nicole. She’s the creative mind behind She’s also the community-building guru who can help you build your own thriving communities online; check out her resources at If you’re more into health and wellness, Nicole can help there too! Find a wealth of health at

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