Day 18 of the Touch with Good Challenge

One of the best parts of working as a designer is I get the privilege to be involved with amazing inspiring people and bring their ideas into vision.

Such an example was my lovely friend Katya Georgieva and her project Touch with Good/ kindness (originally in Bulgarian: Докосни с добро). The project is dedicated to sharing the stories of genuine acts of kindness we have experienced from other people, and thus inspiring for MORE kindness in the world and making it a better place.

She got inspiration from the wisdom:

When you do kindness, keep silent. When you receive kindness — tell everyone.

With the new year 2018 Katya started a viral challenge to share such stories 20 days in a row, and somehow… I got “infected”.

So here is my…

Day 18 of the Touch with Good challenge

Vanyo and Rossi approached me in the beginning of 2014 following a recommendation by the pioneer of electronic music in Bulgaria — Simo Lazarov, regarding multimedia visuals to accompany the compositions of their son Stanley.

It wouldn’t be anything unusual unless… a year earlier Stanley passed away at 50 years of age. Particularly outlandishly, as a result of a complication from some Arabian flu. He had left a whole anthology of musical pieces which his elderly parents were longing to reveal before the world in the form of a multimedia presentation at the International Museum Night.

Without a trace of doubt, it was a highly responsible and delicate task. I was deeply humbled Vanyo and Rossi had decided to entrust it on me and I got to work. I started the rough video editing based on the music but the results were turning out mediocre and unsatisfying. Something was missing.

In the back of my mind, a tiny annoying voice was obnoxiously starting to emerge, when in my e-mail I found an unexpected message from Vanyo and Rossi.

They had decided to provide me with excerpts from Stanley’s personal journals which they hadn’t shown anyone up until then! They believed this could help me gain a fuller impression of their son’s character.

I was stunned! Granting me the trust to have a glimpse into the nooks and corners of his soul! With no further delay, I opened the documents and I read them at a single sitting. In front of me was revealed his yearning for peace, love and beauty; I gazed with him at the sea tract and the splashing waves under the moonlight, and then we dashed at the night sky and the immensity of the Universe… When I finished reading, Stanley and I as if had known each other for years.

From this point on my task went smoothly and effortlessly. What’s more — as if some invisible hand was navigating my hand as I was putting the video sequences together. They were so synchronized with the music right from the start of the rough editing, that smoothing out was considerably eased.

Indian Meditations —transcendental dance of Siva and Shakti. The dancers in this video got their movements almost flawlessly synchronized with the music at the rough editing stage.

Everyone who knew Stanley in his lifetime, agreed unanimously that I had successfully managed to capture his sensibility and passing on the spirit of the music.

For the Museums Night a multimedia DVD with Stanley’s music was published and presented at the Europe Art Gallery (above), and in December the same year I was granted the Computer Music Space International Forum Festival award for my work on the project.

Me, Ivan Stanchev (next to me) and Simo Lazarov at the awards in December 2014.

But the greatest award for me remained the lovely Vanyo and Rossi who became extremely precious and close friends, just like family.

Myself, Vanyo and Rossi in their mid-70s! WOW, right?!

Stanley’s music can be found on his YouTube channel.

The excerpts form Stanley’s journals, as well as stories about his life can be read in the book by his father Ivan Stanchev “Stanley. Outside the Staff — The life and journals of a musician.” (Bulgarian edition)

Ivan Stanchev is also the author of the book The Path to Thyself— a parable of a young man’s journey to happiness (available in English on Amazon).

In 2015 Vanyo and Rossi became patrons of the electronic music recording studio at New Bulgarian University, named after their son. It is equipped with the most advanced music recording technology for educational purposes on the Balkan Peninsula.

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A creative fascinated with the journey behind the scenes and what it takes to be a successful creative
A creative fascinated with the journey behind the scenes and what it takes to be a successful creative

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