About the difference noticeable even for the one who is depressed

Living in the 21st century, we tend to regard depression as no more than a breakfast sandwich (it may or may not be there). Yet, it is not uncommon to meet a person with a several-years-long undiagnosed depression. At least, for me.

Only in the last few years, I was “fortunate” enough to come upon 3 people who were diagnosed with chronic depression. For those who don’t know, it is much harder and longer to get yourself out of depression lasting for 3 or more years than of recently started one. The biochemistry of the brain is changing, and after a few years, it is completely adapted to this “behavior”.

Let’s take a look at the key depression symptoms vs bad mood signs.
The duration of the condition. A bad mood can be due to rainy weather, troubles at work, family issues. It’s a normal condition. You can’t always be in good spirits. It’d be rather strange and even alarming if you were.

What is primarily different about depression? 

The answer is the duration of the condition. It is possible to talk about the illness only after 2 weeks of depressed mood. But let’s not forget that chronic depression can last for years before the qualified help is provided.

The source of the condition. If a person sees the reason for their sadness in the external stimuli: the colleagues do not understand them, the boss doesn’t appreciate them, or the salary is insufficient, they are most likely in a bad mood. It may also be hormonal fluctuations. As soon as the external circumstances change, the condition will change as well.

A depressed person sees the source of unhappiness in them, their self-esteem is seriously damaged. They can feel worthless or blame themselves for the failed life.

In my opinion, it’s a key moment you should pay attention to if you suspect you may have depression.

I have an endogenous depression, and I can confirm this fact. As soon as I feel the “heaviness of the whole world” on my shoulders and consider myself the only source of all that, I know it’s time to take a pill.

The evaluation of the condition. If a person is worrying about their condition and doubting whether they have depression, we can rest at ease. They’re just having a bad mood.

A depressed person is not interested in their condition and doesn’t try to understand what’s going on and how to deal with it. And that’s where the problem lies. It’s difficult to convince a person in this state to go and see a psychotherapist. They are unable to put things in perspective. That’s why they don’t seem to have an urge to see a doctor.

What’s the difference between the bad mood and depression symptoms? 
A person in a bad mood may be irritated, they may snap at everyone around. They can try to get their thoughts out or they can just cry. 

Depression causes the suppression of emotions. A depressed person is closed, gloomy, and sulky. They don’t want to talk to anyone, they need loneliness.

Often they constantly need to be alone. Their daily routine sometimes scares a healthy person with its fixedness, affectation, and repetition. But a depressed person doesn’t see it: for them, this firmly fixed routine is a chance to minimize the life forces put in every single day.

Add to it oppressed mood, refusal to participate in normal activities, increased fatigue, aches in muscles and head, insomnia, numbness, inability to focus on one thing at a time, and you’ll have the classic depression symptoms.

As you see, the difference in the behavior of those being merely in low spirits and people really depressed is actually quite drastic. I hope this article has given you an insight clear enough for dealing with such problems in others or figuring out your own condition in case you’re not sure.

26 yo with ASD (autistic spectrum disorder): a nice person with warm heart and beautiful-sometimes-crystal-clear mind.
26 yo with ASD (autistic spectrum disorder): a nice person with warm heart and beautiful-sometimes-crystal-clear mind.

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