Thoughts after watching ‘When calls the heart’

When calls the heart is a drama series revolved around a rich heiress; Elizabeth Thatcher leaving her pampered city life to become a teacher in a small town named Coal Valley. The story is based in the early 1900’s in Western America when Mounties and Bandits existed.

It is about how Elizabeth questions her life’s purpose and finds it in being a teacher to underprivileged children in a town built on love, faith and hope. This show teaches you what it’s like to lose loved ones, how to overcome grief, how some people are filled with kindness while others will do anything to get their way.

Where everyone knows everyone. Where nothing can be kept a secret. Where socializing is inevitable and happiness is contagious.

It makes you realize that miracles can happen if you truly believe in it.

This is one of my favorite quotes from the show…

Bad things happen when good people do nothing

It teaches you to stand up for what is right and to be there for each other. Only then can the entire community survive and strive, by keeping hope and faith alive.

I still live in a city but there are times I wonder if living in a small town would be all that bad.

Living in a modernized world is where you don’t even know who lives next door to you, and you don’t need to cook because food can be delivered to your doorstep with just a single click and you don’t need to talk to people because there are Apps for that.

City life is a routine life. You wake up, go to work, come home, eat, sleep…repeat. Socializing is occasional and being around nature is boring because you would rather binge watch Netflix.

I for one would love to have a small but cozy home with enough amenities to live by and a nice small garden with colorful flowers in bloom. To live in a small town where faith in humanity is restored. A place where life goes on freely and no worry is too big because you have genuine friends nearby to help you get through the tough times. To be in a neighborhood where even the smallest joys are celebrated with everyone wholeheartedly.


Do such towns even exist? Or am I wrapped up in my own little fantasy?

Do you live in such a place? Let me know because I would love to get to know how life goes on over there 🙂

I’m a writer hoping to inspire at least one person with my writing. Visit Roshane on Medium.
I’m a writer hoping to inspire at least one person with my writing. Visit Roshane on Medium.
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