It’s That Simple

Life is so simple and beautiful.

More than anything, it so magical and alive. I can see it dancing everywhere around me in the form of my surroundings.

A few minutes earlier, I was sitting in my balcony. Luckily, my head slowly tilted upwards as I looked into the sky to watch the clouds.

Their beauty left me speechless. They were so alive, so full of life and so…so new.

Why could I never notice it before?

Here comes the core error of our lives. It is here right now! Watch it, feel it, experience it!

I can see my hand moving! That’s a miracle! I’m thinking of moving my hand, and it moves!

The fingers, they’re so alive! They’re bending, stretching. I gaze at my hands and legs with mere amazement.

The sky is so blue! Blue. Wow! What a color! God created colors. They’re so beautiful. I never noticed them!

When I look hard at them, they start to move. They really do! After a few minutes, the same cloud pattern had dissolved. It was nowhere to be seen!

The clouds left the sky empty. They’re like brush strokes of a masterpiece! God is a lovely artist!

On my right, there’s a hill. I see a man standing on the top. He looks so tiny! His figure seems interesting!

There are even two trees standing beside each other. They have slim bases and a lot of leaves over their heads. It feels as if I’m seeing them for the first time!

When I turned the laptop on, it was a miracle. As I moved the mouse across icons, their names popped up.

There are children playing. Dragging their scooters up the slope. Walking! Wow.

The simple act of putting one foot ahead of the other and pushing the ground behind is making a person walk!

Uncles and aunties are also freely roaming around here and there.

Two birds winged away in a miraculous manner. And right now, there are two sparrows trying to “tag” each other. They’re playing!

My brother stands beside me, drinking water.

Water!! A substance so flexible and adjusting. The Tao refers to it as the teacher of the way of life.

It has no color.

It has no rigid shape.

It is available for all.

Even this small human who’s drinking that water is so strange! He has eyes which are looking everywhere!

Those eyes are constantly busy with the brain. The human is registering stuff. So awesome.

My mind, who is making comments such as,

“This could be the viral article you’ve wished for!”

I smile, and I start typing again.

These fingers, so laborious! They’re working so hard to print out words!

The sky which was once blue is now turning dark.

I farted. The sound was absurd and I didn’t like it. And the smell is even worse. But it is different, which is good.

God is so creative. He created all this. He did all this alone! No planners, architects, programmers or designers. Not even labors!

He created me! I’m his creation! And I’m so happy to realize that! He’s given me a throat to make noise. Thank you, my dear God!

All of this is inside me.

When I closed my eyes for a second, I felt the same joy that I was feeling while watching life dance.

I have to turn inwards.

Now I understand why Eckhart Tolle said,

“Life is the dancer, and you’re the dance.”

I see so many things animating around me. There is light coming from cars. There are people who are there. Simply there.

It is all a big dance! And it’s the life behind everyone that dances this dance.

It focuses on sharing ideas and life lessons that will help us in our personal growth. Visit the blog.
It focuses on sharing ideas and life lessons that will help us in our personal growth. Visit the blog.

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