There are a lot of depressed people out there.

Many of these people Live seeming normal Lives. Some even laugh Joke and play with people, but end up crying all Night in bed.

2018 was a heartbreaking year for many people.

There was a lot of suicides last year.

 These were mostly people that looked Happy and Fulfilled, but they end up taking their Life without warning.

One of the suicides that shook me last year was one by a Lady I follow on Twitter.

She posted a nice Picture on Christmas day, partook in all the online and offline activities that come with Christmas.

Then on Boxing day, she wrote a suicide note and shared with her friends on Whatsapp and took her life moments later.

It made me wonder the kind of relationship she had with her close friends

There are various things that can trigger depression. Losing a loved one, having a chronic illness are all causes of depression.

There is no medical cure for depression yet. This makes it harder to battle.

The only remedies that can bring peace to people suffering it are things like taking antidepressants and Natural remedies like eating healthy and getting a lot of sleep.

This is a sad fact for anyone who is passing through or knows anyone suffering from depression,

If you have friends that are feeling depressed, there are some things that you can do to help them, and this requires commitment, merely cheering them up won’t work.

Image by Ismael Paramo


There is a certain mistake many people make, when they see someone suffering from depression, they try to help them get over it with dialogue.

You have to understand that merely talking with them won’t solve the problem, it takes more than that.

You don’t want to be like Job friends who spent days trying to get him to admit to something that he did not do.

Their words only increased Job’s despair instead of giving him hope.

The first best thing that you can do for anyone who is suffering from depression is to put them in prayers.

This is not a one time or one line prayer. Your prayer has to be effectual and fervent. (James 5:16–18)

Pray for them and ask God to remove anything that is serving as threats to their Joy, Also pray for them so that the level of Serotonin in their Brain can be restored.

Jesus is the great physician and he has the power to restore all that is lacking in the Human Body.

Image by Aaron Blanco

Deploy Empathy

It has been proven that depressed people don’t desire the company of others when it kicks in.

This is a very tricky problem to navigate. A depressed person needs all the care and attention, while the desire to be alone is part of depression.

Though it is not the best form of connection, Social Media can serve adequately in this area, send them encouraging messages.

 Let them know that you are praying for them.

This is Important so that they won’t feel alone in their problem. It is great to know that someone out there really cares.

There have been a lot of misunderstandings in this aspect especially with people who love their personal space. 

You just have to use wisdom and keep in touch even if the person secluded him or herself.

We urge you brothers, admonish the idle, encourage the fainthearted, help the weak, be patient with them all ( 1Thessaloninas 5:14)

By managing the connection properly, you will maintain the level of presence that will them get better with time.

Image By Elijah Henderson


As you already know, people who are depressed aren’t always spectacular friends, they are times when they will require much more than they can give.

They are always reserved and withdrawn when the depression kicks in. You have to do all you can to maintain a connection with them.

They may not let you know, but they will value that connection with you.

This commitment is not easy and most time you may even forget about them since you are the one mostly keeping in touch, but it is something that has to be done.

You can borrow my method of pinning their chats to the top of your Messaging App so that you will always have them in mind.

From my chats with people going through depression, I found out that their family members always misunderstand them.

They accuse them of being stubborn or even proud in some cases.

You want to be the one who is there to give them all the support that they need. 

You have to be the kind of friend who sticks closer than a brother ( Proverbs 18:24)

I write about Life, Branding, Innovation and Blockchain. Visit me on Medium.
I write about Life, Branding, Innovation and Blockchain. Visit me on Medium.
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