By Elizabeth B. Brown

There is no doubt that life is hard for some people, maybe for all. Sometimes the resolution of others to their problems can project on our own life, and most of the time those people are the ones who surround us, we care about, and we share love.

Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to get even those we love to come to the same understandings and realizations, but there is always hope that we agree to live in a certain way ( the grey area).

What happens when there is no common ground?

Clash, conflict, disagreements, and grudge, Leaving no room for new resolutions.

But what if somehow we found a way to bring those who miscalculated things and started to bring new unnecessary problems to the table?

We can’t live constantly with disagreements, especially with those who we care about, just because they disagree with us.

Living successfully with messed up people them can be a stepping stone for new understanding, self awareness, and growth.

A book called Living Successfully With Screwed up People discus this idea, and how the people are the closest to us affect us the most.

We normally don’t care much about the people we don’t have direct daily contact with, or just a little to be fair. Simply because they are out of the trust circle, the benefit circle, and the care circle as a whole.

If we look at an average persons life, it almost the same every day, daily routines, chores, tasks, jobs, and many people share this in a typical way, it just hard to see unless you take a step back and look at it from a distance.

You don’t use a binoculars to see close objects, and you don’t use a microphone to see far objects. Some of us got this really backwards.

The problems we see in our daily lives go exactly like these objects, if you use the wrong tools you cant actually analyze and diagnose what’s causing the problem, regardless of the type of the problem.

The comforting idea that most people on earth share this, which makes it predictable to some extent, otherwise, there is no point fo science, faith, politics, and other measures that organizes peoples lives.

Of course the more people on earth the more problems we have, but still, the way human design is always to live and dwell around few people we know that affect us directly.

I will share few things I found useful in this book that may relate to almost all of us.

Thank you for reading 😊♥️

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Qusay writes about life lessons, motivation, and empowermerment.
Qusay writes about life lessons, motivation, and empowermerment.
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