As I was reviewing my first ninety days in my current position it began to dawn on me that the quotas I was required to hit were going to be nearly impossible. I stepped into a position where I thought there were some established processes in place and that it was merely going to be a matter of pushing through a couple of projects and creating new ones and everything was going to be just fine. After the first thirty days I knew I was in big trouble, there were no processes in place, there was no budget in place to put processes into place and there was growing frustration from investors to speed things up. I knew that I was in the realm of the impossible and unless something dramatic happened that this could turn into a really frustrating position.

And that is where the rubber really meets the road. Everybody has positions that are making the impossible possible. After all, why would any company or organization need to hire people if everything were possible? If it were possible companies would just do it all themselves, but in order for a company to grow, it has to create impossible objectives. Impossible is what creates opportunities and anybody who tries to tell you something different is trying to sell you something.

So wherever we work and whatever we do we are there to transform the impossible into the possible and when we have done that we will be given more responsibility and the next impossible assignment. When we approach our work with this attitude and outlook there are no frustrating days because we understand precisely what we are doing. There also will not be those days where we feel underpaid and underappreciated. Get over your bad self because the fact of the matter you are and always will be. There is no employer that has ever started on God’s green earth who can in reality pay you what you are worth. The sooner you get that through your head and figure out how to make the impossible possible the more peace you will have on your job and the more fruitful you will be.

As I have gotten older one of the frustrating things I have noticed is that the current under 30 generation seem to think that society and this country OWE them the same position in life that all of us over 30’s have been working hard for all our lives. I know that I probably griped and complained also about how “unfair” life is that I didn’t have the things I felt I was owed but the fact of the matter at the end of the day I didn’t vote for the politician who said “fair” the most times and I didn’t demonstrate in the streets for what I thought society owed me. I went to work making the impossible possible and making sure that my employer knew that if there was an impossible situation that I was the one to choose to make it possible.

I Do Have an Unfair Advantage

I believe that I have an unfair advantage over everybody else I know. Is it because I am so smart and debonair? No, it is because of a verse from the Bible. Jesus is having this discussion with his disciples after this young rich guy approached Jesus and asked what he must do to have eternal life. Jesus told him the usual litany of don’t steal, don’t murder and don’t hang with the chicks who do but then he gave him a really harsh answer to go and sell all his possessions and give to the poor. That’s like telling a politician he can’t lie anymore. So the disciples as they are trying to figure out how to fit a camel through the eye of a needle (easy for Jesus but I can’t even get thread through a needle) they amazingly ask Jesus how anybody can be saved and Jesus gives them an answer which is my basis for having an unfair advantage over everybody else. Matthew 19:26, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.” Jeremiah described this in 32:17 “…you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you.”

Impossible and too hard are not in our wheelhouse, it’s not as if we can perfect anything by our own power. Even Tiger Woods has been known to bogey a hole or two and even Michael Jordan missed a shot or two so who are we to think that in our own power we can make the impossible possible? And that my friend is my point exactly. When I look at the impossible, especially right now when I am trying to grow a company that is highly unknown with a product that is highly unknown and expensive and with a budget that is virtually non-existent, I could get dismayed because I literally do have the impossible to try and attempt and the fact of the matter is that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that under my own power I cannot make the impossible possible.

But that is where my unfair advantage comes in because I don’t have to try and make the impossible possible under my own power. I have the incredible privilege to plug into the Creator of the universe and to listen for His still small voice. I learned to plug into this power through the story of Elijah on the mountaintop. Elijah has just come through an experience with the prophets of Baal that if it had happened to me I would have been walking around with my chest thrust out yelling “who’s your daddy?!?!?” This is most likely the reason I am not Elijah, but who knows for sure. Anyway, Elijah was not like me and he had run off afraid for his life and ended up in a cave. God finds him in the cave and instructs him to go stand out on the mountaintop and wait for the Lord to pass. Elijah stands there as a tornado force wind tears the mountain apart and shatters the rocks but the Lord is not in the wind. Elijah continues to stand there as an earthquake comes but again the Lord is not there. Then there is a fire and still, the Lord does not appear. Then there comes a gentle whisper and Elijah hears it and goes out and stands at the mouth of the cave. The gentle whisper is what I am waiting for constantly. That’s my signal that I am about to receive wisdom that is going to help me make the impossible possible. Usually, these times don’t happen when I am sitting in a cave although if it is way up on the top of a mountain I am willing to try it sometime. Usually, these times happen when I am sitting in traffic wondering when I can just ride my spacecraft from place to place. They almost always happen when I am sticking my face in Proverbs or listening to some really cool worship music. They almost never happen when I am staying busy and working 16 hour days. They come a lot when I am on the road running and just contemplating life but almost never comes when I am purposely trying to build muscle in a weight room. The one thing that is always common when I am honing in on His word and searching for something that will unlock another growth area in my life.

I put my unfair advantage to work by making sure I am always honest with myself and I back off when I am just plain working way too much. That is why some weekends I could probably spend another couple of hours getting all of my computer work done but I will wander off on a long hike or run in the mountains or will find some friends to go to a ball game and just relax for a weekend. One of the things we have to do when we are in the process of making the impossible possible is to know when to back it down a notch and renew our minds and our bodies. When I am able to do this the impossible begins not to seem so impossible and I have fresh, new ideas to apply and more energy to throw at the impossible.

And when the impossible is now possible and I get thrown the next challenge of making the impossible possible, I already know how to do it because I started right. I didn’t start with whining about it but by looking at that challenge as just another opportunity to give all the praise and glory to my God.

Over the last seven years I have lost over 80 pounds and gone from a sedentary lifestyle to now running ultra marathons. Along the way I have discovered my love for writing, for encouraging others and for living a lifestyle of constantly pushing myself beyond what I think my limits are. Visit Mike at
Over the last seven years I have lost over 80 pounds and gone from a sedentary lifestyle to now running ultra marathons. Along the way I have discovered my love for writing, for encouraging others and for living a lifestyle of constantly pushing myself beyond what I think my limits are. Visit Mike at

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