I asked myself the question as I looked at this photograph- How does it make me feel? And I was so enamored by the photo – I called to my wife to ask her first response to the scene. Her response was tranquility. Mine was reflections.

It was interesting that the same object took our minds into two different directions. But the one thing that was the same was it triggered a response within each of us – and in both of us, feelings of peace and serenity were born.

And I ask myself: Isn’t this the purpose of good art? To inspire? To prompt reflection? To stimulate us to observe that which we so often take for granted?

What kind of art does that for you?

To pause, to reflect, to wonder, and even to be in awe – I treasure such moments. I am building the fountain of my mental and physical and emotional health as I engage in such activities as these.

Meditation does bring Us closer to healthy living. Here’s why!

If this post has stimulated you to stop and “consider the lilies of the fields”, so to speak, then I have contributed just a little to your day, and to the peace of the world.

Perhaps the little things aren’t so little after all?


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