Not all who wander are lost, not every soul seeks home, not every heart wants companionship, lonely does not always mean alone.

Company is not a crowd, nor is love always shared, beauty is individual, unique, be careful when you care.

We give the things freely, that we feel have no true value, and therefore feel no lose, yet love is the greatest treasure, and we pay the highest cost. Yet love has no limits, no shortage on supply, yet when asked to give it, why are we denied?

We often even refuse ourselves and feel we show pride and nerve to ask to give it openly, that we somehow don’t deserve, and yet so openly we seek it, begging it would seem, only to see it fade away, like some fevered dream.

Alas, I’m no island, immune to troubles of flesh and mind, and often seek the answers when even the question is hard to find. Do fish sleep, how heavy is a cloud, how do I feel isolated, amid the largest crowd, if I die in a dream, do I scream aloud, if it all ends tomorrow, what do I do Now?

Curious like a child, I ponder the world in which we live, question what we take from it, wonder what we give. when my world is still, reflecting on the soul, that’s when we give from the heart and learn to build the whole.

Writer, Poet, NC Native who enjoys sharing through poetry. Visit D. Wyn at
Writer, Poet, NC Native who enjoys sharing through poetry. Visit D. Wyn at

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