Thank you for David, my Father.

Thank you that as a musician, he was able to create many songs to express himself before you. The previous psalm was written to be played with stringed instruments. This one is for flutes. David was a man gifted in his generation with many talents and abilities. You used him to record Scripture, the very words You wanted recorded for many generations to come.

David is anchored in God’s Word.

He seeks you early in the morning.(Psalm 5:1–3)The repetition of this phrase highlights the importance he placed on seeking You before the day begins. Having read Psalm 1 recently, I know he is one who meditates on Your law by day and night.

David Delights in Your Character.

David highlights Your goodness, Your love of truth and Your holiness in verses 4–6. He remembers that You do not dwell with the wicked. You have no pleasure in evil. Again he is anchored in the truths of Psalm 1. The wicked will be separated from You and Your people. You will not tolerate those who trample upon Your law. Indeed,

You hate all who do wrong;

you destroy those who tell lies.

The bloodthirsty and deceitful

you, Lord, detest. (Psalm 5: 5b-6, NIV)

You hate evil much more than we understand. You loathe it!

Thank you that David was probably, in all likelihood, the first king of Israel to do what you commanded in Deuteronomy 17:18- to write a copy of Your law for himself.

So it was commanded in Deuteronomy 17:19 by Moses in the plains of Moab on the edge of the Promised Land.

“It is to be with him, and he is to read it all the days of his life so that he may learn to revere the Lord his God and follow carefully the words of the law and these decrees.”

A Profitable Detour.

By way of a profitable detour, Deuteronomy 17:20 is a nugget of wisdom for kings, and for all leaders of God’s people in every generation.

The king is not to consider himself better than his brothers and turn from the law to the right or to the left.

Your servant David who penned these very words in this psalm was guilty of doing the very evil described here.You destroy those who tell lies. Was David guilty toward Uriah in his words and actions?

The Lord hates bloodthirsty and deceitful men. At the peak of the glory of his reign, David deceived the nation he was supposed to be serving, putting selfish sloth and lust before his responsibilities as king. He lusted after a woman’s beauty, and when he was frightened that news of his deception against Uriah would become known, he murdered him. (This sad tale is told in 2 Samuel 11)

Back to Psalm 5

David extols Your mercy in verses 7–8. David gives You the honor that is Your due. He asks You to walk with him in righteousness, in a straight path (as opposed to a crooked one.)

David wants to do the right and avoid the evil.

Again the wisdom of Psalm 1 is anchoring David. He is making a choice, but he also knows that apart from divine guidance and help he may wander and be led astray, because of his enemies.

David stands firmly against evil in verses 9–10. No compromise! He recognizes here the evil deeds his enemies do are a direct assault on God’s right to rule. He sees himself as Your comrade, petitioning You “to banish them for their many sins, for they have rebelled against you.”(verse 10)

Finally, in verses 11–12, David prays for your people.

Ø Let them be glad.

Ø Let them be protected.

Ø Let them rejoice in you as their God.

Ø Let them know your favour.

And what is Your application to me?

I sense Your affirmation.

Like David, I am seeking you early in the morning. I affirm You as my King and my God. I do cry to You for help. I am learning to rest in Your grace and mercy, Your protection and Your favour.

I hear Your warning.

If David, who loved You as passionately as he did, could sin so grievously against You, what confidence is mine that I can live any better than he?

Listen to my prayer:

I am learning to rest in Your favour, but I have many troubles that I cannot bear alone. As physical enemies drove David to You, let my trials drive me ever closer to You.

It is healthy to declare my dependence upon You. It is healthy to affirm my need of teaching and correction. It is good for me to seek You morning by morning.

Thank you for the raw honesty of this song. The world does not like the reality that there are only two paths: truth and error. There is a way to life; there is a way to destruction. Your word clearly sounds the reality of this wisdom in its opening page, and in the closing verse of the Psalter is written, ”Let everything that has breath, praise the Lord.”

The second reality is sadly this. Some men pursue wickedness. They oppress David in this Psalm, they scoff at God’s Son ruling in Psalm 2. The world has perpetrated atrocity after atrocity against your church. We in our time have got to demonstrate to the world Your love by loving our brethren. Forgive me when I have not loved as I have been loved, my Father.

You are our Father. You are in heaven. May Your Name be hallowed. Let Your kingdom come. May Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. May you give your people what they need today. Lead me. Lead me through the circumstances of my life with Your sure and steady hand upon my shoulder.

Give me strength in times of temptation. Deliver me I pray. Let Your reign and Your rule be upon me this day, and for every day You gift to me. Let my surgery be successful.

Sharing Faith-in the one true God, Hope: i the fulfilment of all God’s promises, Love: for all nations, peoples and language groups. My brokenness is being healed. I have been adopted into God’s family, and I am awaiting a new kingdom to be revealed.
Sharing Faith-in the one true God, Hope: i the fulfilment of all God’s promises, Love: for all nations, peoples and language groups. My brokenness is being healed. I have been adopted into God’s family, and I am awaiting a new kingdom to be revealed.
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