Oftentimes I wonder what my life would have been like if I hadn’t known my Father.

You see, I look at people who are just going through life on their own, without the security of a Father who always has their best interests at heart. And I cannot help but be amazed at how they could possibly be living their lives like that.

Because as you may well know, this life is so complicated, that having the guarantee of Someone who would always be there for you shouldn’t hurt. Or should it?

Please note that this piece is not all about flaunting the awesome relationship I have with my Heavenly Father.

But this piece is about how I have grown in my Faith walk with God, and how I have come to know Him very personally that I refer to Him as My Father and My Friend. And I would love for you to also have such a relationship with Him.

You see, I have been through the toughest of times in life. I have gone through the valley where all I had to hold on to was my Faith in God, and the love of His precious Son, Jesus Christ.

And to make matters worse, I have been disappointed, abandoned and shamed by those with whom I thought we shared the same Faith.

I have encountered people who have said they would never go to church or serve God again because of what a perceived Christian ‘brother or sister’ had done to them.

When I hear such comments, I often can relate to them. But, at the same time, it lets me know the level of maturity of the speakers. And so, that guides me in the way and manner in which I counsel them.

From my own personal experience, I could have long decided to put God at the rear of my life, due to what other fellow men/women have or have not done to me.

But, I am unable to do that because I know that man (or woman) can only do what he/she knows how to do best. And that is to be a ‘man or woman’. We are all mere mortals and incapable of living truly perfect lives.

Since Adam sinned against God in the Garden of Eden, the human race has been flawed. Therefore, when I deal with human beings, I make sure to not raise the bar too high because I know that doing that would only give me a broken heart, and maybe a broken mind and body.

So, this is what I do instead.

When someone disappoints me or does something that really hurts me, I let it slide because I know that is how we were all created.

In our unregenerate states, we are all sinful. The only thing that makes the difference and sets us apart is the blood of Jesus which cleanses us from our sins and makes us worthy of God’s love.

Therefore, why should I hinge my faith in God on the actions of my fellow human being?

Through the disappointments, frustrations, shame, fear, and manipulations I have endured and I have learned to trust God, regardless.

I have learned to get accustomed to His voice and His warm embrace.

And I have developed a close love relationship with Him, that today I can confidently refer to Him as my Father and My Friend.

Even to this day when I still experience those difficulties in life, I go unperturbed because I know I have a “Super Hero” Father who has my back. ALWAYS!

He has never failed me. And I know He would never fail me.

Yes, sometimes, it may feel like He’s taking forever to show up on the scene. But, He sure does show up anyway!

He is a loving, dependable and trustworthy Father. He is the best Friend that anyone could ever have. Even though I sometimes still do stupid things that He doesn’t want me to do, that has never undermined His love for me.

He is always ready to put His loving arms around me again when I retrace my steps and run back to Him.

Wouldn’t you want to go through life with the assurance that someone is working everything out behind the scenes on your behalf?

That is the kind of life I am living today. And I invite you to share this glorious experience with me.

Would you be willing to take this bold step of Faith? He is never on vacation and never takes a snooze or a nap. He is always ready and available to meet with you.

Feel free to get in touch with Him here.

God bless you!

All my love,



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