Do you remember the time you still had a my music folder on your computer with all your best tracks burgled, borrowed or stolen?

In this week’s article share with you some images of my time as a Durban Povo…

Durban Povo : “Cool White Guy in Durban Area who can’t get laid because he is not rich enough for Umhlanga Girls” 

If you’re a fan of Soundcloud, then you might be also into the fact that your profile is a personal social artifact that you carry with you. This (see featured image) is my friend Sean-Marco and he also has a Soundcloud Profile with music, artists and songs he likes and shares, just like I do.

The Record Experiment

So it took it to myself to go that extra mile and take all the records I had in my room and write a music story around it. I don’t really have a strong reason for writing this particular piece and it might not make sense…. It’s all in the music they say…

It all began in Ballito on a random day when I guess I wanted to become a Rockstar. This really happened. I was broke, depressed and all I wanted was a few beers and my guitar and the beach. I could not afford the beers. 

All day long, the only thing I did was listen to music online, on Soundcloud in particular. and I always had lots of records with me. So one very lonely day I took them all out and did a little genre-sorting here and there… then I actually chose my 5 best records and tried to think of something great to write, but ended up designing something cool instead… While hooked on my first choice… Neil Young — Heart of Gold… 

This song is just too good not to put on repeat… Why ruin the moment… Music was good back then… Sigh.

If Bands & record labels from the 60’s & 70’s could have used Soundcloud if it was invented back then to promote, discover and share music to artists & friends…Would that have been better for music of the world?

Our Flat in Sandra Road, Ballito… a place for the undiscovered artist. 

Over time, I actually started writing about music frequently. The more I wrote, the more I wanted to write and the more I started opening up my eyes to the new sound…. A sound I crave to produce… All I actually need is some funds to boost into my studio space… but that’s a story for another day.


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