There are many types of approaches to grow your business, and that’s alright. But it’s this particular approach that bothers me a lot and I’m not alone in that. Many marketers and influencers a like have said this tactic doesn’t work. Here’s how to break that habit, but also here’s an alternative strategy.

You are now the owner of a proud business and there are many great things in store for you from this experience. Taking that leap into the unknown is something bold and not easy. Not to mention there are many pitfalls out there that simply waste your time.

Today I’d like to address one of these pitfalls as this particular pitfall is both a time waster for both parties, but also incredibly annoying. I’d even go as far as saying that your business could crash and burn if you do this excessively.

This devastating technique is simply this: spamming.

Yes Spamming Is Still A Thing

Many people might not realize this, but many business owners are still spamming. You see this in excess on social media. For me I see it a lot on my Instagram page. Paired up with a dozen or so likes, there some times is a comment that goes like this.

“Hey great page! Check out mine it’s super cool and amazing!”

I honestly don’t read them anymore because I can see them from a mile away. So the statements may vary but there is always a particular pattern.

First, they make what I’d say is an empty comment. It can make you feel good, but it does nothing to enhance the conversation.

Secondly, they have the audacity to talk about their own page on YOUR page. It might be super cool and amazing. Or it could be a pile of hot garbage neatly packaged. It’s hard to tell nor is it compelling at all since just before you provided nothing of actual value.

I’ll be sharing a technique later on what can actually pay off in dividends for you on social media when done correctly. There is certainly a fix to this.

My point is, providing an empty statement following up by pitching your business or your profile is spamming. Even talking about your business as soon as you meet up with someone is spamming. To top it off, it’s also a waste of time on both ends.

Is A Waste Of Time For Your Potential Prospect

When I see those types of comments in my posts it’s clear that me and whoever else sees that post is a prospect. True it’s only asking for a follow or more traffic to a specific location. It’s a very small thing versus buying a product. But even with that it can be dangerous, especially when you size it up to another technique I’ll talk about further down.

It wastes my time and others as they may not even be interested at all. I don’t blame them.

Every single day we are bombarded with ads to buy certain things. Massive companies can get away with this because people will keep buying their products anyway.

As such, people will generally brush it off or not take action and ignore it most of the time. I even advertise my profile in every one of my instagram posts and I’m sure not many have seen it.

The point is we’ve grown so numb to being pelted with demands. It’s to a point that specifically promoting something in the comment section of someone else’s post probably won’t yield much.

I’ll remind you again I’ve stopped paying attention to the specific words of those posts because I’m so used to it. I anticipate people to promote their pages through mine.

I breath a sigh of relief when I don’t have to see those comments. That’s weird.

It’s More Of A Waste Of Time For You

But the big thing is that this is a huge time waster for you and your business. In fact it can cripple your business and your brand entirely.

By all means, there is nothing wrong with asking people to follow or like a post. This is encouraged by other marketers. However, this is only to be used within your own posts.

That’s why I post it and generally it’s not harming my business. You are on my page so it’s not out of the ordinary. Even Youtubers do that at the end of every video.

Even at the end of this post, I encourage people to like, comment, and share.

But what isn’t anticipated is other people posting links or their profiles on others, trying to freeload their traffic. That’s where you get that break between people and whatever you are promoting.

You are wasting your time because when you are pitching to someone immediately or encouraging people to check a particular page you don’t know if there is interest.

A few weeks ago on Facebook, someone tried to pitch me on a investment opportunity. Or at least I felt some pretty strong vibes of that. I’m not all that interested as I have my own strategy right now, but the guy spent a portion of his time pitching me immediately without even qualifying me.

This is the same case when you spam links or profile pages on Instagram, or on any social media. Yes you can expect the audience to be into self improvement and motivation on my page. But I’ve already been building trust with other people through these posts. The last thing they expect is someone they never heard of to immediately direct them to a page.

Yes some might bite, but it’s times like this where collaborations are far more beneficial than simply spamming a link.

Spamming Is Weak And Discrediting

Furthermore this spamming technique makes you look weak. Sure big businesses do this, but they have become so massive we depend on them. They’re on a whole other level. No one fully depends on you, you are not a limited supplier for speaking lessons or a source of motivation.

There are many people doing what other companies are doing. Yes each one is unique in it’s own way, but that doesn’t change the fact they are generally the same. As such, to grow a brand and a business, you need to mix it up and stand out.

Spamming a link in a comment section isn’t the right way because people are already numb to that advertising.

Not only that but your business is one out of the hundreds of thousands. They have options and can easily forget about you. That’s why spamming like that discredits you and turns people off.

Try This Instead

But as I said above, there is a way around this and the technique is actually simple. It’s a matter of changing what it is you are posting in the comment section. That is giving value.

Think about it. At the early stages of business, giving value is most important. Sure some might say “my business already gives value right now.” That is absolutely true. I’m sure that financial investment opportunity the guy was going to pitch me is valuable.

But that’s your opinion on it. It’s not mine or your prospect. Because above I mentioned I’m not even interested in investing with the guy. That valuable proposition was in fact useless to me.

So how can you convince people that your content is valuable?

Instead of trying to sell directly, you need to be creative and start building trust. Again give value, but not in the form of pitching a product or service. This can also be done by contributing to a conversation.

I was hinting a little bit that many people leave empty statements in comments. You’ll have this wherever you go. But what will really make you stand out is in the flurry of “great post” and “nice” comments, you leave some practical advice relevant to the post. Something well thought out and you know is valuable.

People will start thinking “huh this person really knows what they are talking about.” And they would be right.

I’m sure many businesses have people who are in fact knowledgable people. But they spend so much time pitching they’re more concerned about sales as opposed to building communities or tribes.

Build A Tribe Today

If there is one thing I’ve learned over the years is that building a tribe or a community is necessary. Even the larger companies realize now the value of being personable. We have so many businesses out there thriving because they are talking with their customers.

I think it’s about time you stop wasting your time posting a bunch of links and start talking. Try it out!

To your growth!

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Eric Burdon is a Youtuber, Blogger, and Author of The Shy Boy I Once Knew. His passion is self-improvement, personal growth, positivity, and dedicating time to tell people about the importance of self-improvement. Visit Eric at
Eric Burdon is a Youtuber, Blogger, and Author of The Shy Boy I Once Knew. His passion is self-improvement, personal growth, positivity, and dedicating time to tell people about the importance of self-improvement. Visit Eric at

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