From lack and desperation to abundance and gratitude

With the holiday season approaching and shopping fever rushing in, I was having thoughts about the glorious Black Friday and how it is actually affecting our mindset in a somewhat… Black way.

What’s the issue with Black Friday?

1. Black Friday comes from a place of lack and desperation. Tradespeople are compensating for the whole year of not that awesome sales (being “in the red”) by hitting the high numbers on this very day (and going “back to black”). Statistics show the highest sales for the whole year on this particular day!

Read what Wikipedia says about the origin of the term

2. Although it is nice consumers can get awesome products and services at a fraction of the price, their behaviour is closer to hunting. Even more — they act like vultures on carcass in a rather repulsive manner.

3. The very adjective Black brings association with darkness, death, depression, and all that jazz! The first time I heard the expression “Black Friday”, I took it for a reference to the Crucifixion of Christ (why on earth would it be called “Good Friday”??).

So what’s the irresistible offer?


Photo credit: Pixabay

It is a concept developed by myself and my creative partner Angelina Yaneva.

Celebrate abundance, giving, gratitude and new beginnings on this beautiful day!

  • This is the Monday (beginning) of the Thanksgiving week, setting the mood of gratitude.
  • Use white as a symbol of light, festiveness, and purity.
  • Sales and discounts are still available, just this time they are presented as GIFTS. Gifts come from a position of abundance, as opposed to the Black Friday lack.
    E.g.: Special gift: 50% discount. Or buy one, get one free. Or free delivery.Or… whatever comes in mind.
  • I doubt customers will change their behaviour. But their attitude might change. From predators and vultures to gratitude and appreciation.
Photo credit: Pixabay

Show your support by:

  1. Running a promotion with your own products or services
  2. Sharing on social media some of the graphics I have included here with the hashtag #WhiteMonday
  3. Sharing this article
  4. Accepting my present — a £17.78 discount voucher for your very own press pass design! (in case you are running a blog/vlog):

The actual price of the service is £22.22 meaning you will get this offer for just £4.44 (that’s around $6–7 USD). Just how cool is that?!

5. Commenting below how to help this trend thrive… and head to World domination, of course! 😉 ❤

Thank you for supporting #WhiteMonday! Immerse in the beauty of abundance, giving, gratitude and new beginnings ❤ 

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A creative fascinated with the journey behind the scenes and what it takes to be a successful creative
A creative fascinated with the journey behind the scenes and what it takes to be a successful creative

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