Paint me a deeper shade of blue, 
I am not enough of the night sky I wish to twinkle.

Paint me the globe burning of sun orange and yellow
excitement and Spring, for I need the birth of new things

Paint me a delicate pink one that adores and smells 
of baby scents, for I long for adoration and comfort.

Paint me green and smells of sap saplings and cone
I am not enough forest, too urban,
I long to be one with the growing of things
with grasses and stems that produce jonquils and buds.

Red for the passion that resides within but needs the 
proper spark to attend to it’s uprising,
violets and lavender, how I love lavender purple
hues majestic and so you,
black white and the in between I am already that
as finite, human form.

Grey and white make a lovely respite.

Paint me, sketch draw color and write me on papyrus
where I link with the ancient underworld,
where predictions were not possible because 
there was a fine art of mystery.

Take me there, right there.

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