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The Potato Soup Recipe

I give this recipe out all the time — its great for adults and kids, vegan, vegetarian and omnivores can all adapt this recipe. To download a PDF go → here.

To watch the video go here → video.

Yes, I could live off of soup and a hunk of bread.

The Ingredients





Salt and Pepper


Vegetarian: add cream, sour cream, cheese

Omnivore: bacon, ham stock, diced ham

A Classic Soup Base

This is a soup I make often because I always have water, garlic and potatoes in my house. It lends itself to adding more veggies like broccoli, corn, peppers, the possibilities are really endless. This is what is so magical about the recipe — you can add as many seasonal veggies as you want.

This is what great cooking is based upon, one idea morphs creating a completely new dish with just a few changes. Let inspiration overtake your kitchen. 

I added corn and roasted corn ravioli. Amazing flavor.

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