This article is about how evoking the right emotions is a personal branding strategy. 

For those of you that don’t care what other people think, all you want is to do your job and get out of work. You may want to rethink this approach. Think about what that attitude does to your personal brand and reputation.

My first degree’s in physical therapy and because of that, I have a science background. I like to know if there’s a scientific basis for the things that we do. I was researching on the decision making process. I wanted to know what part of the brain was involved in decision making because I’m a science person. I practiced physical therapy for years before I became a speaker and a coach.

I was thinking about the process involved in decision making and it led me to read about emotions. Emotions? Who makes decisions based on emotions I began to think? In fact, in one of my courses, I teach you not to react based on emotions!

Oh, by the way, this is the third in the series, so if you’ve missed it out, go check out Personal branding tips, and how to Look Confident where I talked about confidence, the foundation of creating or building your personal brand. You need to be confident. You know why? Because when you are confident, what people see is competence. (I have included a link to a 21-day confidence challenge for you so check it out. It’s free.)

Back to how I’d got to researching about emotions. I was doing research on how people make their decisions so that I can incorporate it into my teachings on effective communication and confidence. And I came across one of the studies and it was a study of someone that had a traumatic event. That person had a traumatic event that damaged the part of their brain that is responsible for feeling, for emotions. They found out that that the person had difficulty making decisions and that was what really triggered it for me.

A Quick Tip For Employees

I began to study more and I read a lot of articles on how a lot of supervisors refused to recommend some of their staff for promotions though they were doing a good job. They felt like they weren’t ready to take on the additional responsibilities that came with the promotion. 

So if you work for an organization, you must make sure that your boss feels comfortable with you being promoted or leading on that project. You see, it’s not just enough for you to know that you’re the best person for a job. It is important for you to let your boss feel and know that you have the best person for the job.

Why Emotions Is A Personal Branding Strategy

How many times have you made a decision based on all the facts but the deciding factor was how you felt about It? 

“I just went with my gut” you hear that a lot.

How you make people feel will help them decide for or against you. Therefore, it’s important that you evoke the right emotions in other people, as a part of your personal branding strategy.

What are these emotions? You want people to feel confident and you want them to feel that you are trustworthy. These two are fundamental. However, there is more. Creating the right emotions with your audience can differentiate you from the crowd!

How Emotions Can Differentiate You From Others?

Here is where creating the right emotions comes in. You see, you may have two people with similar credentials, but what sets both of them apart? Why would one person go to A over b? This is where the emotions you evoke in other people become more powerful. 

If you can identify the emotions you want to evoke, and you create the experiences to match those emotions, you will create a specific brand for yourself. If you are a business owner, you will be able to attract your ideal clients easily because they identify with your brand. Your brand is different from the others and that makes it easy for your clients to identify you. The fun part is how easy to get along with your clients and to meet their needs.

This tip I’m giving is especially useful if you’re a business owner and you want to attract clients to your business. This is part of personal branding. That’s why you always hear people telling you to niche down. To narrow your niche so that you are attracting the ideal clients. 

One way to identify your ideal clients and for your ideal clients to identify you is to actually list the emotions you want them to feel when they meet with you. When you do this, you can program everything you do to include those emotions.

An example of the emotions strategy in action

I once spoke with my hairdresser. I asked her, what do you want people to feel when they come to your salon? And she told me, I want people to feel happy. If I had asked someone else, that person may tell me I want people to feel sophisticated. 

It’s important for both of the hair stylists to know what they do but you see if a client is looking for a sophisticated look, it’s not just in the skill. When clients go into the salon, and it looks sophisticated, and there are the glitter, the glam and everything they want, they feel good without even having their hair done yet.

And so the hairstylist is able to build and create an ambiance that looks sophisticated. Everything she does is to cater to that feeling she wants her clients to feel when they walk into her space.

When you’re thinking about evoking the right emotions as a personal branding strategy, I don’t want you to fake a feeling. You want those feelings to be genuine to you because when it’s genuine then it’s replicable. You can be consistent with it. You want to genuinely connect with people.

You want emotions that are genuine and real to you so that you can easily replicate it. So think about the emotions you want people to feel when they interact with you.

Watch out for my next article about creating the experiences that will help your clients feel the emotions that you want people to feel when they meet with you. If you can’t wait, I already published the video here.


I am Speaker and a Coach. I help individuals take charge of their work life.
I am Speaker and a Coach. I help individuals take charge of their work life.

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