I have a mile long list of things I want to accomplish: to clean up my office, to organize everything in the kitchen pantry, to write the books I want to write, to take the trips I want to take, to write the letters I should write, to read the books I want to read, and the list goes on and on.

It is bad enough that I have this terrible problem, but I have passed it on to my oldest son along with all the cowlicks I have and now he has. Years ago, I bought him a book about overcoming procrastination. When I ask him if he has read it yet, he always answers, “No, but I’ll get around to it one of these days.” We both laugh.


The major problem with procrastination is that it resists New Years Resolutions, vows to oneself to finally get around to it, and that it resists good intentions and strong willpower.

I must finally admit to myself that I will never accomplish the things I want to do until I conquer this flaw in my character. I can give a long list of reasons why I haven’t been able to do the things on my to do list: not enough money, not enough time, too many demands on my time and attention from others, writer’s block, lack of knowledge of how to do something, fears, and the list goes on.


I believe I can if I think I can do what needs to be done and stop making excuses. The problem is that I often do not think I can. I think I cannot write a book when I only have an occasional half hour to sit and concentrate and write. I cannot get the letters written that I should write because I have this stack of ungraded papers over here that won’t get done if I don’t start on them right now. I can’t take the time to read all those books if I have writing I should be doing instead.

I won’t ever get to take the trips I want to take unless I have the money for the trip and I can’t save enough money because there are so many more important things I must spend the money on. I need to save for an emergency because my employment is always so precarious.

I can find an excuse for everything. What I must find instead is a way to make these things happen and stop waiting for when I can get around to it. I frequently tell my son to narrow the list of things he wants to accomplish and focus on just one at a time. Yet I fail to follow my own advice. I have too many interests and too many goals and not enough time.

I know I should organize my life better and prepare a schedule to do various task and that it is better to do a little towards my goals rather than nothing at all. I believe I could do all of that if I had more TIME.

Perhaps, I need the will and resolve to organize my life in such a way to get around to doing the things I most want to do. I must also make time for the things I have to do also.


I feel like my life is like a depleted bank account. The older I get, the less time I have left to do the things I want to do. But one thing I promised myself to do today was to write a post for Medium and I did it. Now, I must rinse and repeat.

I want to hone my writing skills until I become a successful Medium writer. Showing up and doing something, even if it is not much, is the first step.

Life isn’t easy, but I wouldn’t trade it for the alternative. I have lived many lives in my lifetime and intend to live many more. Visit Laura at .
Life isn’t easy, but I wouldn’t trade it for the alternative. I have lived many lives in my lifetime and intend to live many more. Visit Laura at .

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