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Mistaking gratitude for love comes at a price… >br> In 1971, Oxford student Emilee Stephens marches with the just-formed Women’s Liberation Movement. She meets Connor O’Hannigan, an intriguing sympathizer who harbors more secrets than the reason he’s at the march.
Despite her friends repeated warnings—and even hints that he may be in the IRA—Emilee falls for Connor when he saves her life in a kayaking accident. The two marry and have a daughter, Caitlynn Aine. On the child’s third birthday, daughter and father disappear, leaving only an abandoned car and a small red jacket behind.
Decades pass—until Emilee receives a handwritten letter from her presumed-dead former husband. An Unfamiliar Kindness asks the unanswerable question: how much does love cost?

Interview with the Author
Q – What makes the An Unfamiliar Kindness series unique?
A – Several things. It is a two-part mini-series, but the books can be read as stand-alone novels. The second book in this series is scheduled for release in late 2019. I wanted to create novels that reflect and paint images of the places and people we’ve all read about but have never met. I grew up in Africa and felt it would be appropriate to let the protagonist journey from Cape Town to Southampton on a steamliner. The history behind the WLM and the IRA had always intrigued me. I had to write a story about the 1970s England!
In fiction, I read and enjoy different genres—from literary to contemporary to historical fiction. What best describes this series is: 20th-century historical fiction or modern historical fiction. An Unfamiliar Kindness is also an atypical romance.
Q – Is there any particular order to read the books?
A – Yes and no. Both will be stand-alone novels but once book two is released, it will make sense then to first read An Unfamiliar Kindness. The working title for book two is, An Unfamiliar Grace.
Q – Why should readers bother with this mini-series?
A – Readers who enjoy more modern (post-WW II) historical fiction, interspersed with immersion into the 1970s England and Ireland, spiced with romance and pressing social and political issues of the day, will enjoy the books.

Thank you for reading!

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20th-century Historical, 
Modern Historical, 
Historical Fiction, 
Contemporary Women, British Historical


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