Have you ever answered questions before?

Of course you have.

We’ve answered questions from people, on tests, on official documents, and so many others.

But are you someone who asks questions?

Outside of the typical “how are you?’s”, my past self didn’t ask questions.

I was an individual who “understood everything”.

Questions were seen as a sign of weakness.

That you don’t understand something.

That you’re slow.

I was the best student for a teacher because I never asked questions.

But I was also the B and C student as that was my place: average.

It sounds depressing, because it honestly is.

This lone wolf mentality that I developed at the ripe age of 13 was what sent me into a spiral of depression. Amongst other things.

What would happen if I started to ask questions then? I wouldn’t know.

But the magical thing about life is life has the potential to be long. We can make adjustments. Make amends for past actions. We make changes in our lives.

We ask questions again.

And questions are powerful things when you think about it. Here’s some thoughts on it.

Asking Questions Brings Understanding And Clarity

Asking questions is never stupid to begin with.

Some times it’s in our natural instincts to say “Sorry for asking a stupid question.” However through the years I’ve been asking questions, I know better.

There is no such thing as a stupid question.

The reason? Because we are different.

We learn at our own pace.

From processing to understanding and learning, it’s all different. It’s why in schools they try to accommodate every learning medium.

When you ask questions it brings understanding as things are explained in more depth than before.

Furthermore it brings clarity to topics. Even in cases where you understand something, you know you can confirm it.

Moreover it can potentially provide a deeper understanding of the subject.

It’s in peoples natural instinct to dive further into a subject when questions are asked.

I recall one of my professors in marketing say this:

“To find the deepest meaning, ask the question “why?” seven times.”

I think people would get annoyed if you asked them “why?” seven times, but there is some truth to it. When we ask “why?” we explain in finer details naturally.

But that same rule applies to questions in general, not just “why?”.

Asking Questions Develops Curiosity

One of the big problems I had with my teenage years is I felt like a shell. I was empty even though I had many thoughts and opinions on subjects.

One of the issues is I didn’t ask questions and instead picked away at other peoples thoughts and opinions. I formed my own solely on that.

Even though people directly or indirectly formed my opinions, I didn’t feel authentic. I felt like this shell with no real thoughts or opinions.

Of course, others mimic other people, it’s in our nature, but I believe there is a fine line between being authentic and being a copy of someone else.

But as soon as I started to ask questions, especially deep questions, I began to understand myself. Asking questions brought forth curiosity, a desire to explore and develop myself in my own way.

In the end, to grow is to ask yourself questions, to have curiosity for everything.

Curiosity isn’t going to kill you when you are aware of the challenges and the risks.

There’s risks in everything of course. However to learn about yourself, to grow more profoundly I think is worth the risk of being curious, asking questions, and taking action.

Asking Questions Develops You

In the end this is all in the development of who you are and who you want to be. When you asking questions, it opens yourself up to new possibilities and opportunities when you ask.

You have no idea what people would do if you just ask. This is the same when you ask any kind of question. You have no idea what will happen.

With questions comes understanding of other people but also of ourselves when we ask deeper questions.

It strengthens us and in a sense emboldens us to ask more questions. This was how I was able to break down my perception of questions and begin to ask more.

How can I improve myself?

How can I be a better writer?

What must I do to live the life I want?

By digging down into those kinds of questions you create a desire, a desire that propels you forward. With desire comes interest and action and further development of yourself.

asking questions helps you understand you develops your curiosity develops you as a person

Any Questions?

So don’t be afraid to ask yourself or others questions. Dismiss the notion that questions make you look silly or slow.

This is your growth and your understanding and we can only find deeper meaning the more we ask questions.


Visit Eric at EricScottBurdon.com.

Eric Burdon is a Youtuber, Blogger, and Author of The Shy Boy I Once Knew. His passion is self-improvement, personal growth, positivity, and dedicating time to tell people about the importance of self-improvement. Visit Eric at www.ericscottburdon.com
Eric Burdon is a Youtuber, Blogger, and Author of The Shy Boy I Once Knew. His passion is self-improvement, personal growth, positivity, and dedicating time to tell people about the importance of self-improvement. Visit Eric at www.ericscottburdon.com

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