A man died one day. His soul started to move wherever it was intended to. Though he died, his curiosity remained intact. Along the way, it screamed “I want to meet GOD!! I have a lot of questions for him”. If his prayers were not answered down below, they were answered now. A sudden flash and he found himself before something. Whether it’s Maha Vishnu (Hindu God) or Morgan Freeman is up to your imagination.

Man: I have lots of questions for you.

God: Ask away.

Man: Why did I die? I’m only 50.

God: You worked yourself to death. You’re a rich man. Healthy food was always around you.

Man: OK, forget about me. What about my friend? He died at 40 with cancer. He was a wonderful person who maintained a healthy lifestyle. Why did you have to kill him?

God: 40 years is a long time to live. I’m sure he had a wonderful time when he lived if he is as you described him to be.

Man: Can you say that to his family?

God: Yes it is a great loss for them. But they can come out of it if they want to. Life may not be the same, but it can get better.

Man: Easy for you to say. Why kill in the first place? The world would be better without illness.

God: Are you sure? Then what will motivate you to stay healthy?

Man: Forget illness…. Why the division between the rich and the poor? Can’t society be equal for all?

God: But does society want equality? The poor want to climb higher, and the rich want to sustain. That’s the engine that runs the society. Let me ask you a question. Can you define a quality life?

Man: A big house with cars and servants.

God: Now no servants, everyone needs to be equal right?

Man: OK some AI does all the servicing…. That’s a quality life for me.

God: Hmm…then what’s quality life in the Stone Age?

Man: Fire and food.

God: Then how do you come from fire to AI? There’s everything you want, again no motivation.

Man: Hmm OK. Why the caste system then?

God: A system comes into force when the majority starts to believe in it. I created only people, not caste.

Man: AHA! But you did not create everyone the same way. They come in all shades and some with defects too.

God: Did nature define any type of race to be on top? Every race has its own unique advantages…

Man: And what do Indians have?

God: Well they are a mysterious race. They have everything they want right in their domain, but they are always looking for outsourcing.

Man: Yeah that’s one thing you are right about…What about the disabled then?

God: If they don’t have hands then they can use their legs. If not basketball then football.

Man: Hmmm…. what about food? Why should we feed on other animals?

God: Don’t. It’s a personal choice.

Man: But then why the choice at all? Why can’t we all be vegetarians?

God: Think of it this way. They become food once their lives are over.

Man: But they are slaughtered just this purpose.

God: If not for this purpose will they be existent at all? If there are too many, then they need to be killed anyway. Earth sustains only so much.

Man: Easy for you to say. Why should life end with death in the first place? It’s scary.

God: If you have lived every moment, you won’t be afraid to die. If you haven’t lived your life to the fullest but instead think about lost time, then life will be hell for you.

Man: Speaking of hell….. Where do I end up now? Heaven or Hell?

God: That’s for you to decide……since you’re going back to earth as a new life.

As he said those words, the man’s soul started to move further away from God.

Man: Hey wait….. I have one last question. Who created you?

God: Well I don’t know. But if you find him, maybe he can answer your questions better than I did.

Dump Your Thoughts. Programmer by choice. Writer by accident. Dreamer by default.
Dump Your Thoughts. Programmer by choice. Writer by accident. Dreamer by default.
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