The higher up in the misty clouds we ran, the more my glasses kept getting covered with water making sighting out obstacles in front of me on the single track path much more difficult to see.

I tried complaining about the mist and the subsequent mud it created but that wasn’t really doing any good as I yet again took my cloth out of the plastic baggy I carry just for times like this.

Suddenly it dawned on me that the very way that I was seeing the trail on this misty day is the very way far too many of us see our future. I wish I had perfect vision and could see clearly the obstacles and bends in the trail ahead of me. Not just for the trails in my beloved mountains but also for the trails in life.

Lack of Vision

As I took my mind off the lack of vision, the inability to see clearly in the rain I began to remember the portions of the trail and I began to be able to see the trail not through my glasses but in my mind. Sure I snagged a couple sagebrush branches that had grown in the trail but those were easy to feel with my ankles and make the adjustments necessary. Suddenly the drudgery of a misty day disappeared and I found myself instead enjoying the coolness of the mist and the ability to just simply focus on my task at hand, trusting my memory to keep me on the path.

The more I began to think about the way I was running this trail in the mist with very little actual vision the more I began to think about how I can navigate the trails of life with many vision-less circumstances I encounter on a daily basis.

The more I began to apply this vision-less method of navigating through life the more I was encouraged to seek vision and perspective in the many things I am trying to accomplish.

Coming out of the Mist

When I finally broke out of the mist at the top of the mountain, about nine miles from where the mist had really set in I found myself refreshed by the sun and energized to turn around and head back down the mountain through the mist, but with a renewed sense of trust.

As I write today I honestly do not know where I am going with my writing career. I have a five year goal, I have a book written that needs editing and I know that I want to be published. But I don’t see the path toward my goals clearly. I have goals, I know what I would like to accomplish. The twists and turns to getting there are what are in this fine mist falling out of the sky clouding my ability to see the way clearly.

I honestly do not know what it is going to take to become an accomplished author. I know I have the perseverance to endure everything it takes to get there. This is something I have gained through running ultra marathon distances nearly every weekend. I know I have the support system necessary to see me through to my goal. I know there are more resources than I could ever imagine that are out there to help me accomplish my goal. Most of all I know I have the faith in the One that will help me overcome everything I need to accomplish my goals and see the dreams come through.

You’re Not Alone

I also know I’m not the only one running around on mist covered mountain trails trying to see the bends, rocks, and roots in the trails to attempt to stay upright most of the time. I’d like to tell you that the route you are running is going to be easy and you are going to see everything you need to see clearly and that the dreams and goals you have inside of you will just pop out.

But I won’t lie to you about that. Everything you and I are trying to accomplish will be difficult, it will take some vision-less days where you just go about the tasks because you know the way forward is in front of you. I will promise you something though.

If you keep on running and you keep pursuing what you have been given to do then eventually you will break out of the mist and find yourself in a lush, green covered valley with the sun shining and the mountains out before you waiting for you to enjoy.

As for today, if that mist is closing in around you, I can only recommend one thing. Rely on your experience and trust the process that you know it will take to find your way to the top of the mountain. Then don’t stop the relentless forward movement and you too will find yourself breaking out of the mist.

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