Clear your mind with a run!

When you hear the word meditation you probably think of someone sat legs crossed. Eyes closed. Hands rested on knees with index and thumb touching. With chanting music in the background. 

A bunch of ‘hippies’ that are probably signed up to a crazy cult?

Ok, maybe not the hippy part. Most people nowadays have heard or know of meditation and understand it to be a form of relaxation. 

There are various definitions for the word meditate. 

Meditate Definition 

To focus one’s mind

This is the form of meditation that occurs whilst running. 

When you are running nothing else matters. It’s just you and the tarmac out there — or the trail. 

Your only task is to put one foot in front of the other — and not fall over of course. 

You can zone out. Letting your natural instincts and reactions take over. Guiding you to the finish line. 

 Running is meditation in motion 

Going for a run removes all distractions and allows you to think. 

You can organize your life a run. Allow ideas to flow in and out of your mind. Make all the important decisions. Dive deep into mental state and discover who you really are. 

Photo by Seth Macey on Unsplash

Reach another level

There are levels when it comes to running. 

Obviously, you’re not going to immediately start discovering life’s revelations soon as you start your run. 

You’ll probably be thinking, “I hope I can make it around the course!” — don’t worry you’ll be fine once your legs warm up and your lungs open up. 

No, you’ll likely find that halfway into your run is when you start to think about life’s questions. 

While focusing on your breathing — deep breaths, in through the nose and out through the mouth. 

And the rhythm of your feet hitting the ground. Like the sound of a clock ticking — left, right, left, right — it’s almost hypnotic. 

This is the time when you will dive deep within your mind. Taking yourself to another level of consciousness. 

Quick tip: it’s best to run without earphones or music to achieve the full effect of this.

Photo by Brian Erickson on Unsplash

Testing your inner strength!

There will come a point on your run — if you set out to test yourself — where the urge to stop will kick in.

Ignore it! This is your mind wanting to quit. Not your body! 

“When you think you’re done, you’re only at 40% of your bodies capability “ — David Goggins 

This is when you forget about organizing your life and running over ideas. 

And instead, start diving deep into your mental state. Having an internal argument with yourself and pushing past that quitter’s mentality. 

This is when you find out who you really are as a person. Are you a fighter or do you quit when times get hard? 

A true test of inner strength. 

It’s been emotional 

When it’s all said and you reach that finish line you will be glad that you pushed yourself through and tested yourself on the run. 

Looking back you will see the benefits of the challenge you have just overcome — and not only the health benefits. 

You may have answered some deeply personal questions you’ve had on your mind.

Perhaps come up with new and exciting ideas to use on a project you’ve been working on. 

And during those tough times on the run, you were transported away from all of life’s challenges with your only focus on reaching the finish line. 

Going for a run can really put things into perspective. It’s character building. 

So, when will you be doing your next run? 

Photo by Hannes Egler on Unsplash

I write about everyday life. Things that I come across and that spark my interest. My aim is to learn something from every life experience and maybe even inspire the people who read my work.
I write about everyday life. Things that I come across and that spark my interest. My aim is to learn something from every life experience and maybe even inspire the people who read my work.
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