“So there I was…” It’s our Akers family story prompt. If you’ve been following along you already know we’re set up for a story. We love books. Snuggling together reading is some of the best time we share together.

There are plenty of reasons to read.

Enhances smarts

Those who read are smarter. They have higher intelligence and more general knowledge. In young age it makes you smarter. In old age it keeps you sharp.

Reduces stress

When I’m reading a book I escape into a new reality. The stress of daily life falls away. My kiddos like to read too. They imagine the places they can go when they pick up a book. It’s one of the ways we stay healthy together. Reading is good medicine. And, it’s free when we visit the local library for a new adventure.

Increases vocabulary/reading/writing

Seeing the written word increases spelling abilities. Practice improves reading abilities, and both work together to improve writing abilities.

For us, it’s safe to say, the family who reads together stays together. Ever read a book so good it feels like the words leap off the page? Those books are treasures.

This weekend we found Inkheart. My oldest daughter agrees to watch begrudgingly because she hasn’t read the book yet. We popped some popcorn and cuddled together for this.

What happens when you search every crevice, look under every pebble, and finally find the thing you’ve been looking for? You’ll have to watch the movie to find out. You didn’t want me to spoil it for you; did you?

In the case of this family, you can already bet you’ll meet some interesting friends along the way.

The movie opens with this quote:

There is power in the written word.

Do you believe it?

Next we plan to visit the local library to find Inkheart so we can live the story all over again.

Have you been on a journey by turning the pages of a book? Share your story in the comments.

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