As you wake up, imagine what is happening in your body.

Neurons fire, senses awaken from their slumber, your spirit slowly, but surely, bursts forth.

You have just received the gift of a new day.

True, sometimes when that alarm goes off, we’d rather cling to sleep. To that delicious dream. Or we wake up with a sense of foreboding. Perhaps this day holds a greater challenge than most.

Sometimes we bring the haunts of the night to stalk us in the day.

But this is not your today.

Today, you will seize the moments. You will be that change others need. You will walk forward with confidence and brilliance. You will add to the balance of good in this world, in whatever ways — large and small — you can.

But first, you will be still.

Because you know, deep down, you are the recipient of a grand gift. A day! So many in our world will not get this one. Their time has run out, or, perhaps more sadly, they will squander it.

But you will first acknowledge the gift, and the Giver.

Photo by Samantha Sophia on Unsplash

And you will be still. Because, with stillness comes peace of heart. Humility. Wonder. A sense of place and purpose. Reverence for the Creator of a world of symmetry, beauty and hope — even though often wrapped in the pain common to humanity.

For you recognize a Creator who encompasses it all and is, ultimately, in control. And you will breathe, and rest.

Then you will seize the day.

You will recognize the 86,400 seconds ahead (some of which sleep, inevitably, will claim), hold untold opportunities. To love. To care. To reach out.

Photo by Tanja Heffner on Unsplash

You will do this face-to-face, yes. But you will also do this virtually, to people who live on the other side of the world. Some you know, perhaps others you barely know. But still, you will reach out because we humans are made for connection at so many levels.

You will choose to seize the day — even if it holds formidable challenge — because you have stilled and centered and worshipped first. You have recognized you do not go forward on your own. Your Creator goes with you.

You will choose to be that change in at least one other person’s life.

You will recognize you do matter. You will acknowledge your very being is a miracle, and you embody hope, truth and light to at least one other being on this swiftly moving blue ball of a planet. Today.

You will begin to fill with a sense of connection to this world — all the glory and pain, the joy and struggle, the purpose and emptiness. You will acknowledge the noise of the human condition.

But you steel yourself; you choose to not become a part of the cacophony of hateful rhetoric screaming from television screens and newsfeeds.

For that is not you.

Image credit: Pixel2013 on Pixabay

Instead, you determine you will be part of the change for good. A contributor to our world. You will create more than you consume, give more than you receive.

You can do that because you have filled up first. You are not operating from a deficit. Rather, you are overflowing.

Today. You will be that change, offer that help, encouragement, love, for at least one person — and likely many more.

This is the day.

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