“The best lightning rod for your own protection is your own spine.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Being self-reliant these days is beginning to disappear. I mean you have many people receiving some sort of paycheck or subsidies.

According to the US Census Bureau data released October 2014 about half the population is receiving some sort of government money from one program or another.

If you believe that robots, drones and other artificial intelligent machines will take over millions of jobs then most of America will have to start getting some sort of financial subsidy from the US government.

Which I believe will be the case.


It does not have to be this way.

Better Days Ahead

Centuries before any of us were born people had to be self-reliant because else they would not survive.

The things that make all of our lives easier were not around for these people to use.

No Internet.

No email.

No telephone.

They managed by working with what they had on hand. They had to use more creativity and ingenuity to get things accomplished.

There were certainly less distractions around trying to get our attention.

No ads vying for us to buy things that we do not need.

Life was simpler back then and then again it was not.

Jobs Disappearing

If you believe like I do that artificial intelligence is going to be a bigger deal than we are being led to understand the human race is going to have to go through a humongous change.

Every day I hear or read of someone creating something that makes a human process easier.

For instance, Momentum Machines in San Francisco is a robotics startup that cranks out 400 hamburgers in an hour. The burger is custom made to your specifications. All done without the need for human intervention.

The question will be if people cannot find employment because their position has been relegated to an AI device what on earth are they going to do?

The research firm Gartner estimates automation will eliminate 1.8 million jobs by 2020. This will affect many industries but some will be hit harder than others.

Most of these will be in low and middle level jobs and people in these sectors will be much more effected.

“God helps those that helps themselves.” Ernest Hemingway

Good news

Just as millions of jobs are disappearing many new jobs will be created with this shift. They will require more skill and new training.

People in jobs that will be replaced will have to learn and grow to keep up with the changing landscape of the workforce.

It is imperative that they keep up or else they will be left behind and be screwed.

There has never been a better time than to take the bulls by the horns and play fortune teller. You can start now by teaching yourself about automation and artificial intelligence and how it all works.

There are tons of classes and resources on the Internet that free or even very reasonably priced. You don’t need to go to college to get these skills. Why would you waste time and money waiting for schools to catch up to technology?


Nobody is going to look after you to make sure all of life’s essentials are provided for you. You have to do it on your own. No government, no college, no charity is checking in on you to see if you have everything you need.

Time flies and before you know the opportunity to get ahead of the curve will be gone. You will blink, and 10 years has passed. Believe me there are plenty of things I wish I did before time raced by.

In this age of any information at our fingertips where all you need is an email address and an idea it is becoming almost a necessity.

I am a writer who attempts to part life lessons on my readers. My hope is to educate all on what things I have learned throughout my years on Earth. I also write short stories that teach lessons as well.
I am a writer who attempts to part life lessons on my readers. My hope is to educate all on what things I have learned throughout my years on Earth. I also write short stories that teach lessons as well.

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