The Principle of My Life

I could let you attack me once, I could let you attack me twice, but after you attack me three times, I have to fight back, catch whole power I could carry, fight back forcefully so that you would never, ever, not even think, be near me again!

Boy, Try to Fight, Don’t Cry

I don’t remember exactly at which year it happened, either in the last year of my element school or in the first year of my middle school.

One day when I peed in a bathroom in the school, one boy, my classmate, walked close to me and stood beside me. He stretched his head, looked down at my penis. I felt ashamed, but couldn’t move because I was still peeing.

“Your penis looks like…” He thought for a while and said “silkworm.”

So he gave me a nickname “silkworm.”

In my childhood, I was thin and weak, bullied by other children all the time, but this time, someone called me “silkworm” to describe my penis appearance, made me so depressed. As a boy, I felt my self-respect hit severely.

I had to fight back, but this boy was big, muscular, and the question for me now was, how did I fight back?

I never fought anyone before, didn’t know how to fight, and if I fought back, probably I would never have any chances to win. But as a boy, I couldn’t keep silence to stand this kind of insult. I had to fight back, but how? I kept asking myself, and seeking any opportunities to fight back…

One day students were waiting on a street to participate in an event. I saw our head teacher was standing nearby. Suddenly I had an idea.

As usual, this boy called me “silkworm“ and played fun at me, and l retreated, and he chased me around. I slowly walked toward the teacher, but this boy didn’t stop.
Once seeing the teacher was just a few steps away, I stopped walking, suddenly turned back, raised my arm, and using all force I could get, slapped this boy in the face.

Suffered this sudden and forceful hit, this boy was astounded. He used one hand covering his face, looked at me. I was very nervous, holding two fists and waited that he would fight me back. But he didn’t. He didn’t say anything and walked away.

I knew the teacher was watching. I lowered my head, looked down at the ground and waited the teacher would call me. But he didn’t do anything, seemed like nothing happened here.

I was a good student at the school then, probably no people thought I would hit someone, especially hitting someone in the front of a teacher.

The reason for me to hit this boy in the front of a teacher was simple: since I couldn’t win a fight with this boy, I had to beat this boy first and quickly, and if he fought me back, I could call the teacher for the help…

Since then this big boy seemed afraid of me and didn’t appear near me again.

Some Thoughts

I hate bullying!

Sometimes we have to stand up, fight back when someone bullies us. Many times we think we are weak and not able to fight back, but not. Very often as long as we stand up, we will become much stronger than what we initially thought because of the righteousness on our side.

But we also need to think about how to protect ourselves, not to get hurt more, while we fight back. We need a strategy, and sometimes we have to ask for help from others if necessary.

I am a photographer and my photography name is Alexander Image. I am Chinese, like to write in English, and hope to become an English writer someday.
I am a photographer and my photography name is Alexander Image. I am Chinese, like to write in English, and hope to become an English writer someday.
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