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I stare at lists of thoughts I have written down over the past few weeks. They come to me when I am not expecting them. They can wake me from my sleep, tap me hard on the shoulder when I am driving, tug at me when I am working, and even interrupt my conversations with others. As much as I love them and call them inspiration, the Holy Spirit, revelation, or just clarity where there was fog, sometimes I think they are just rude! 

I know that is not a very appreciative thing to say, especially when I am constantly asking for ideas and words. My issue is not the amount I am given, but the times seem so often inconvenient! 

I can’t pull over and stop the car nor can I stop every conversation. I so need my sleep at night and have other things I need to focus on. What happens is I am constantly asking God to bring back those thoughts when I can write them down. Sometimes it happens, often times it doesn’t. Doesn’t He know I have a bad memory?

I look at my list and as I do I say to no one,

“Gee, I could write a book.” 

That’s funny. I am writing a book. I am supposed to be writing a book. Okay, at least I have started. 

With this endless list of thoughts and new ideas, what is my problem? Am I missing something?

I wrote a poem about water recently and its three forms as solid, liquid and gas. I compared it with the Trinity. God the Father (solid) as our protector, our foundation, who has an unfailing love for us. He came and took the form of man and was poured out (liquid) for us as a sacrifice for sin. He didn’t stay on Earth in His glorified state but sent the Holy Spirit (gas?) to be our comforter and guide through our life.Wonderful Water!
It’s not the peas that take down the swelling It’s the ice Frozen stifles what runs too free Its not the thirst saying…

God wants me to know something.

I need to lose weight

The Lord knows I can’t afford to lose a pound. It may be the weight I carry mentally and emotionally is far heavier than any I could possibly carry physically.

My soul can’t soar if I am pinning it to the ground. The Holy Spirit in me needs me to give Him free rein. Jesus broke all the barriers of gravity. He is not bound by our sin and neither should I. Sin is heavy and extra weight requires a lot more energy to drag along.

I have more than enough to finish what I started.

Five years ago when I first started writing on hope I told the Lord I had nothing to say. I was serious! I couldn’t imagine me writing about anything, much less about Him! I distinctly remember Him leading me to Mark chapter 6, the story of when Jesus fed 5,000 people with 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread. There were 12 full baskets left over. 

I remember He answered,

No, you can’t but I can.”

Lately I can’t even keep up with the thoughts He is giving to me. I am wondering why the bombardment.

He drew me to a verse this morning in my quiet time.

“How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God!
How vast is the sum of them! If I should count them, they would outnumber the sand.
When I awake, I am still with You.” (Ps 139:17–18 NASB)

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The sand? More than the sand? I started thinking about sand. A small handful is probably more grains than one can count, never mind all the sand there is or ever has been, or ever will be! And each thought is precious. Not one is ever less than precious!

So why am I upset when I can’t remember something He says or something I read? He is faithful. He will never stop feeding me. I never have to worry about my next meal or my next word.

God gave me a distraction from focusing on my problems by giving me an assignment. It is writing. 

God gives us purpose in the midst of our problems. I know I can’t forget and ignore them but I can find respite. God provides a rest for His people. Sometimes that rest is being about His business. 

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Jesus knew His purpose was to suffer and die on a cross. For three years His ministry was doing what the Father asked. Though He talked about it with the disciples, He wasn’t just obsessing about the day He would die. 

He was healing the sick, raising the dead, loving the unloved, and comforting the heartbroken. He was telling stories, playing with children and dining with strangers. He was teaching and preparing people for the Kingdom of Heaven and declaring His Father in Heaven.

So, each person has an assignment. I have mine. I need to drop the unnecessary weight and rise to the occasion. 

It means closing the gap between desire and action. 

I have created many places and times and schedules in order to be totally uninterrupted. Sometimes it works for a time, and sometimes I have to rearrange them. I don’t know if there will ever be a perfect, constant environment set aside for writing. 

Being someone who is very easily distracted I need to make distraction work to His glory and be distracted by His instruction. 

How is that for a diet plan? A diet to lose the extra weight of worry so Jesus can be lifted higher.

Hi, my name is Mary and I am a writer of hope, sorting through the mudpuddles and rainbows of my life. I believe God can be found in all of it.
Hi, my name is Mary and I am a writer of hope, sorting through the mudpuddles and rainbows of my life. I believe God can be found in all of it.

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