There seems to be a million people telling you how you can make money through SMM. Or how you should start your own SMMA(Social Media Marketing Agency) because it will get you mad cash. But before starting your agency you might want to know what Social Media Marketing actually consist of.

SMM is in short a part of digital marketing that uses Social Networking sites to either strengthen brand awareness, promote a product, or do both. Similarly to other Digital marketing strategies SMM has purpose built data analytics tools that allows you to track how successful your strategies are.

There are two ways you can essentially use any type of social media platform:

  1. Free to post text, image or video content
  2. Paid advertising

Furthermore there are many different platforms you can use and what you chose should correlate with what audience you are trying to reach. The top 6 social media platforms of 2018 are:

  1. Facebook. With over2 billion monthly users.
  2. Youtube. With over 1.5 billlion monthly users.
  3. Instagram. 800 million monthly users.
  4. Twitter. 330 million monthly users.
  5. Snapchat. With 300 million monthly users.
  6. Reddit. 250 million users per month.

How is SMM different from Traditional marketing?

Mainly: targeting audiences. Marketers have always known that the number one way to sell their product is to figure out who buys their product and find more like them. Social media platforms are basically the perfect marketing tool. Through cookies the networking sites collect data on everything about the users. Everything from where they are to what type of clothes they prefer can be easily found out and tracked.

Hence you can go from airing an ad for your dishwashing soap after a CSI episode and hope that people watching that show might also want to buy your product, to being able to specifically target an audience who are looking for dishwashing soap. And have them find potential other products you sell through your platforms.

How is SMM different from other digital marketing strategies?

The thing that makes social media unique from all the other forms of digital marketing out there is how personal you can be with it. The social aspect means people can really develop a proper relationship with your brand. They might follow a handful of their friends and Dominos Pizza, and although Dominos is a brand they tweet in similar ways your friends do. They make jokes, retweet other people and reply to customers. Dominos is no longer just a billboard or banner ad its a pretty funny twitter account too.

Furthermore social media allows you to be part of a conversation. Take NASA for example, they tweet to Ariana Grande and about fake news. They involve themselves in conversations outside of just planets and space and science. This cleverly allows them to both reach a greater audience and seem more genuine in their social media posting.

Those are my notes on SMM. I think it is easy for people and brands to underestimate the power of social media because it is new, unknown and predominately occupied by teenagers. But it seems to be harder and harder to deny that it is a truly powerful marketing tool that is only growing in popularity.

Whenever I write something kind and empathetic, no one believes me, and everyone thinks I am being sarcastic.
Whenever I write something kind and empathetic, no one believes me, and everyone thinks I am being sarcastic.
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