One of the best parts of working as a designer is I get the privilege to be involved with amazing inspiring people and bring their ideas into vision.

Such an example was my lovely friend Katya Georgieva and her project Touch with Good/ kindness (originally in Bulgarian: Докосни с добро). The project is dedicated to sharing the stories of genuine acts of kindness we have experienced from other people, and thus inspiring for MORE kindness in the world and making it a better place.

She got inspiration from the wisdom:

When you do kindness, keep silent. When you receive kindness — tell everyone.

With the new year 2018, Katya started a viral challenge to share such stories 20 days in a row, and somehow… I got “infected”.

So here is my…

Day 9 of the Touch with Good challenge

I have two young cousins: Emil (8 years old) and Ivan (5). It’s always a great euphoria when “cuzy Mego” goes to see them.

They usually get out of my hand with some zombies, sand mummies, Spidermen, Batmen and Blanket monsters but it’s all a matter of course.

It is also a matter of course on my laptop screen to appear greasy little prints from messy little fingers pointing at something particularly exciting.

One day, while we were engaging slightly more quietly than usual, Emil told me:

“Cuzy, I have a surprise. I decided to do something nice for you.”

“Ooooh, is iiiit? Would you tell me what it is?”

“I’ll help you! It’s on your computer!”

Intrigued what the nice thing Emil had done on my computer would be, I went to investigate the question.

And then I saw it! My laptop was off and on the black glossy surface of its screen… not a single tiny microscopic little spot was seenThe kid had cleaned it with utter diligence!

When I expressed my delight, Emil simply explained:

“Well, you are always kind to me, so I decided to do something nice for you to make you happy”

🙂 ❤

So don’t shy away from showing kind attitude — kids do notice and you might be pleasantly surprised when them follow the example.

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A creative fascinated with the journey behind the scenes and what it takes to be a successful creative
A creative fascinated with the journey behind the scenes and what it takes to be a successful creative

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