There is one uncomfortable truth, about the journey to becoming a writer. It’s freekin hard.

We all hear it before, but most of us thought: Not by me. Cognitive bias. We all know those bad things can happen, but we think it happens to those others, not to us. It is like smoking, we all see the pictures and read the warnings, and I assume you will hardly find someone around you who do not know that smoking is really bad for his health. But the large variety of smokers think: Cancer? That will not happen to me. Unnecessary to tell, a lot of them are wrong.

But back to the problems with the journey to becoming a writer. Well unless you are not extraordinary lucky or gifted, you are in the same position as I and have some struggle to overcome. Let’s sit down and talk about some of them.

From the age of a young boy, 10 maybe, I know what I want to be. I wanted to become an Author. Back then it seemed to me as the best job in the world, and I still think it is, but I also thought it would be much more essayer to achieve. I don’t talk about the immense load of stuff you have to learn. No I talk about those bad jobs you have to go through and nights you sitting on our laptop, tiered, with eyes barely open, just to write those few sentences, you set yourself a goal for the day. I talk about those nights on which your friends go to a party and you stuck at your home just to write something you think is garbage. Yes, those are some of the burdens on the path and there is no way around it. But there are some types and tricks how to go through it.

The first problem I mentioned is the bad daytime job, which takes a great amount of your time and energy, but brings barley enough money to pay your bills. I have got a lot of them. A disclaimer here, I don’t say to work in any of this jobs must be bad, but it can be. I worked in the warehouse, where we use to work 9hours a day and I spend an additional 2 hours per day by travel there and back. It was making me physically ill and mentally unchallenged, what is, in my opinion, worse then Overwhelmed. Because by the latter you can at least grow. I have worked on the night shift in a Bar where don’t get a single free day in more than 6 months and I worked at McDonald’s. Those are some of the examples. You see not the best jobs if you want to become a writer.

But I don’t see it all that bad. I learn by every single one of them and I used them to improve my writing. How?

First, I was forced to structure my day and start to schedule my time for writing. I not the best player, but I am in a good way. A found pattern in my day and gap where I can fit in my writing. This a necessary thing you have to do to make your writing to habit.

Even if it is just a half hour, it is there and it is a half hour where you working on your dream and passion. It is totally worth it.

Second, I learned was to utilize and optimize your resources. I don’t need to tell you that by a full-time job, studying or be the mother of two, you probably don’t have the time to go into the writing courses, but there is a place called library where you get some books on the topics you need to learn. Also, there is internet full of articles, videos, podcast, and online courses, you can fit in your schedule in small chunks. Article on medium takes about 10 minutes to read, you can listen to the podcast while you are cooking. I use to hear audiobooks all the time I go to work and back. There are jobs where you can hear those while you working. That’s how you optimize your time resources and also you don’t go danger of being unchallenged.

The third thing I learned was, there is inspiration everywhere. Every single man or woman has a story to tell and his or she’s own way to tell it. All those peoples are some kind of archetypes for your characters.

Their individual way of talking or walking. They have their unique thoughts that can inspire you. Those interactions are gold.

Fourth, I have learned was, that you have to surround yourself with supportive people. You don’t need someone who tells you: take a break. You need someone who cheers you or drills you if you need it. You have your significant other, your family or friends and if they don’t do it. You have places like this where you can find fellow writers and start to connect with them. There are many places and writing communities on the internet full of supportive people.

You have not to get rid of your job. To become a writer, you have to survive. You have to eat and drink and you need someplace to live. Bills have to be paid, so don’t quit your job in hopping for something. Build your craft and improve. The time will come but wait for it. Make sure it the right time.

I hope you find this article inspiration or helpful and I hope you make every single day at least a small step to achieve your dream. It is a long and hard path but we can go it together.

Until the next time and keep writing.

Born in Slowakei. Moved to Germany and continued to write. Find Matti on Medium.
Born in Slowakei. Moved to Germany and continued to write. Find Matti on Medium.
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