What makes you Wonderstruck?

How do you tap into what makes you shine brightest when everything seems hopeless? This past weekend sucked. There wasn’t much of anything good about it.

Thursday I received a call from school. My oldest was feverish and had to be picked up from school. From her voice I imagine the nurse to be an old, crotchety, miserable person wandering through life. I almost heard a smile in her voice when she asked, “How quickly can you pick her up”?

I smiled too, for a second. I wanted to tell her to shove it. Mom and Dad are both busy today. My mind said, “Sorry stuck in meetings all day, Dad too. Give her a blanket and a cot and we’ll see her at dismissal”.

Dad and I did have a meeting with each other in the form of a lunch date. We didn’t say anything to anyone because it was our little secret and that gray-haired nurse with her hair tightly pulled into a bun and pinned with long shiny silver pins was raining all over our date. (Interestingly enough, my daughter confirmed my awful judgments were pretty much spot-on from her interaction with the lady).

My mouth said, “See you in 30 minutes”.

Cancelling Cuddles

By Thursday evening we see the same signs in the younger child too. We break out the night time medicine and issue early bedtimes for both. Rest is best.

Both spend most of Friday in bed. To top it off the dog has fleas. Issuing him the mom-prescribed flea bath and boiling everything in Borax. All the kids are sick, even the furry one. Lots of Netflix is on tap for the weekend.

We could all cuddle up watch together, except we can’t because no one wants fleas and no one wants flu germs.

My husband and I just spent two weeks getting over our bout with the flu, or the worst cold of our lives. Either way, no one wants to repeat the experience.

We thrive on cuddles and cuddles are canceled. Harrumph!

By Saturday we all need connection. Maybe we can be in the same room and watch a movie together. The girls have spent most of their time sleeping, the dog hasn’t received any pettings, and everyone wants a big hug. A movie is a poor substitute, but it will have to suffice.

We watch Wonderstruck. It’s a story about what makes us different and having the courage to find the place where we belong.


It isn’t until I set down to write this piece that I look up what the movie is about. We have our own takeaways, but what is the intended message? What were the words to that song?

This is Major Tom to Ground Control
I’m stepping through the door
And I’m floating in a most peculiar way
And the stars look very different today.

We’re all “Major Tom”. The challenge is to step through the door in a way that makes you feel alive. And the stars look different today because he’s been Wonderstruck.

The movie opens with this Oscar Wilde quote: “We’re all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars”.

The implication is that we’re all in the gutter. We all experience life’s struggles, despair, and hopelessness. How do you get back to normal, and even shine, despite struggle?

I’ve been hiding my best from you, the reader. I’ve been afraid and I am stepping through the door. I’m about to shine in a way you say is my best. As the old Hallmark slogan says, “When you care enough to send the very best…” You’re about to receive the very best. So be on the lookout in the coming weeks.

As for the family, it’s Sunday now and we all still need a hug. The psychology behind comfort food is that we need a big hug. Need to solve a food craving? Give your body what it really needs.

We all still need hugs and everyone needs a pick-me-up so I hack some fudge for the best hug we can offer. WeTalkHealthy, but we don’t always walk the talk. This fudge is comprised of three basic ingredients: coconut oil, raw honey, and cocoa. It’s pretty much guilt-free, with some chopped almonds and sea salt dancing across the top. Even if it wasn’t free of guilt, we all desperately need a hug. Here it is:

Nicole’s fudge pic

If you’ve been reading lately you know I have to work food in here somehow. It’s part of the health-food story, and the life lessons we learn along the way. Because it’s who we are. As Sunday evening approaches our spirits are brighter and we are all Wonderstruck for a new week.

Share what has you Wonderstruck in the comments.

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