My original thought when challenged to do this was that there is NOTHING quirky about me. I am, well, I am just me! After all, if the rest of the world was just like me, then it would be a boring place.

While speaking openly about my hesitations, my lovely wife, Violet, gave me one of those looks that made it clear that she KNOWS I am quirky. Therefore, I must write and share before she writes on my behalf. LOL

1. I was born in England and consider myself to be quite British. I spent several years growing up in the UK as well as an adult. However, I have NO British accent. I tell people that it never came through Customs and Immigration. There are times that I imitate various accents from around the UK. When I lived there, I could copycat local dialects after being around locals for a very short time.

2. Sometimes, when I am serious or in a serious situation, I smile or emit what some term as nervous laughter. It is not that I think the situation is funny, but I think is simply a response that was learned as a child.

3. When I was growing up, we did not have a TV until I was about 14. We would visit friends or family though and I learned to like the tv series, Star Trek. I was particularly fascinated with Spock, who was supposedly from Vulcan. The fact that he could raise his eyebrows independent of each other triggered me to learn how to do this. I have spent hours learning to control the muscles in my eyebrows. Today, I can still raise one or the other at will, simultaneously or separately. My children have always thought it funny that I can keep time to music using my eyebrows!

4. I love languages. Through the years, I have taken Spanish, Biblical Hebrew, Greek, and Russian at university levels. However, I have also dabbled to various levels and am self-taught in Esperanto, German, Icelandic, and most recently Mandarin. The latter is becoming a favorite and I often visit a couple of local businesses owned by people from China or Taiwan. Each of them are so kind and friendly and have helped me gain a larger vocabulary in Mandarin.

5. Food videos are one of my quirks. I subscribe and watch every video of Mark Wiens of Migrationology, The Food Ranger, and Strictly Dumpling. I have enjoyed food from various parts of the world and watching one more video while eating a meal or a snack is a great pastime with the family. One day, I want to be able to visit some other countries and enjoy street vendor cooking again. Speaking of The Food Ranger, it was watching Trevor James that got me started on learning Mandarin. Tai hao le!

6. I am very protective of family and friends. One of my quirks is that I do not have a lot of close friends because of this. It has both positive and negative impacts because most do not understand the way my brain works.

7. Speaking of brains, I am a very odd creature in the midst of one-dimensional thinking males. I am actually a multi-track thinker and often have any number of conversations or ideas going on in my head at one time. I can concentrate on each exclusively and there are times that I think I have had a conversation with a family member or friend, but I did not. In my mind, I have already come to what I consider is the most logical conclusion.

8. Being British, I have a dry sense of humour (that is humor to Americans). Whether it is enjoying Chicken Run for the 2,417th time, Mr. Bean, or other British shows, my puns often reflect diversity from both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Some understand, while others look at me like I am weird.

9. I have a problem with my eyesight. I am actually blind from birth in my right eye due to having no natural pupil. My pupil is an irregular implant. Being from a strong military background on both sides of the Atlantic, I tried to gain entrance into and have been rejected by the British Army, The Royal Air Force (2 times in 2 different towns), the US Navy, the US Air Force (6 different times with 6 different recruiters), and the US Army. I finally was accepted into the US Army and went to Basic Training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. Sworn in early September, I was then medically discharged for my eyesight end of January. It was one of the worst days of my life. I still regret not being able to serve as a full-time career in the military. I am immensely patriotic and still visit military bases when I can and just imagine what it would be like to still wear the uniform.

10. The last quirky thing I can think of is that I love aeroplanes (airplanes to the Yanks — LOL). It does not matter what size or shape, slow or fast, military or civilian, I love watching them fly. We live under the flight path of a regional airport and if I hear a plane, I am outside watching it. If a plane is on final approach or preparing to take off, I will park on the side of the road and watch it. I have had the privilege of taking a few flying lessons in civilian aircraft as well as a glider. Loved every minute of it. Strangely, while I have been to numerous airshows and have sat or flown in many civilian and military aircraft, I have yet to step foot on a helicopter.

Originally from England, my family and I live in the wild, windy state of Wyoming. I work as a full-time real estate agent while working to build my writing career. My goal is to one day retire to New Zealand and write from Hobbiton.
Originally from England, my family and I live in the wild, windy state of Wyoming. I work as a full-time real estate agent while working to build my writing career. My goal is to one day retire to New Zealand and write from Hobbiton.

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