Hurricane Florence never stopped my town from showcasing its strength of character.

Usually, when something terrible happens, it brings out the worst in people.

But sometimes, just sometimes, good things can come from a disastrous situation too.

And every now and then you start to see the good in people truly shine when it matters most.

There are countless good human beings out there, the problem is that they often don’t get the same publicity the bad guys get.

But I personally would like to take this opportunity to highlight many of my town’s finest people. In Wilmington, North Carolina where I live, we were hit pretty hard by Hurricane Florence a couple weeks ago. To say it has a been a tough time for everyone here would be an understatement.

Everyone here is still trying to get back to their normal way of life. People’s kids finally just went back to school a couple days ago and many of the adults were finally able to go back to their jobs last week (if their place of business didn’t suffer any damage from the storm).

My own wedding had to be canceled because of Hurricane Florence, so on a personal note, the storm affected me tremendously too.

Countless people suffered much worse losses than my fiancee and I did though.

And that’s just it.

We ALL suffered or lost something. Everyone felt pain on some sort level. And yet here we all are.


Trying to rebuild our lives and get back to normal.

My Friends Stepped Up

I have had several of my friends in town and back home in Michigan step up and try to offer my fiancee and my support. Many of them have done simple things like ask, “What can I do to help?”

Other friends of mine have gone out of their way to help my fiancee and me with planning our new wedding date and with the changes we have had to make for the new wedding festivities.

Co-workers of mine offered their sincerest apologies for my wedding being canceled even when some of them suffered damage to their own homes and they had to uproot their families for two weeks and weren’t able to get back to Wilmington. These same people had to miss a couple weeks of work because of the roads being flooded and them being stranded out of town. Yet, here they were, worrying about me and my fiance. They felt bad for us because our special day got postponed.

Strangers Helping Strangers

Now there are all the people that live in Wilmington and the amount of generosity they have displayed during these tough times.

Our wedding caterer cooked meals for people in the community and donated the meals for free. Other vendors of ours have stuck with us and have been extremely flexible with making sure our new wedding day will still be special.

And then there are these wonderful people:

Lineman and first responders have come to our town and all the residents have power back on because of them. When people were injured and in harm’s way, these everyday heroes came in and saved the day. They sacrificed so much just to make sure my town was safe. Yet, they don’t get nearly the amount of credit they deserve.

These past few weeks have been tough, but our town has been tougher. We have come together and helped each other pick up the pieces.

This was just a friendly reminder that sometimes…

Terrible situations can bring out the best in people.

I am an aspiring writer and blogger. I am passionate about writing, sales, entrepreneurship, and self-improvement. I am always working to deliver value to my readers.
I am an aspiring writer and blogger. I am passionate about writing, sales, entrepreneurship, and self-improvement. I am always working to deliver value to my readers.
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