I got a very seeming juicy deal from a from businessman a week ago.

 He wanted me to help him handle content strategy for his online store.

I was excited at first but later found myself turning down the offer.

There was no cogent reason for doing so, but call it gut or intuition, I just knew inside that the job was not the right fit for me.

I have done jobs that did not resonate with me before, and the outcomes have always been disastrous, so I knew that the outcome of working with the Man won’t be good.

For every creative, knowing when to say “No” is very Important.

If you get carried away by your creativity and skills and accept every job that just comes along, then you will find yourself stuck with a lot of bad clients.

There are a lot of gains that comes with saying No to the wrong clients. 

Those gains become obvious with time as you treat your own business as a client.

People will always want to get the best deals.

Saying Yes to low paying jobs just for the sake of making a quick buck or building a relationship will almost always backfire.

Negotiating a better deal, later on, will be hard.

 You should also know that when making referrals most people state price and the clients they referred will also want to work with the rate you agreed with clients who referred them.

There are some clients who would want you to lower your prices with the promise of giving you more Jobs in the future. 

You have to know that they will always want to work with the current rate in the future.

Learning to say No is very Important as it will give you more time to pursue high paying clients.

These are the thing that you have to keep in mind when pursuing High-Value Clients.

Image By Krivec Alec

Increase Your SKillset.

When pursuing high paying clients, you should not do it with just the normal skill that you have. 

Invest time and learn more skills that are related to your field.

If you a Developer who only knows Javascript and HTML, you should Invest more time in learning more languages like C++ and Python.

If you are a graphics designer, considers taking a dive into UI/UX design.

My Content Journey Improved when I started learning how to Integrate storytelling into my writing. 

Seth Godin helped me realized the Importance of Storytelling in my creating content and my content delivery have become much better.

Increasing your skill set gives you confidence in reaching out to more high profile clients because you are sure that you are going to deliver no matter what they require from you.

Image Source: Pixabay

Sharpen Your Skills

One of the best ways to sharpen your skill is through research. 

No matter at what level you are in your field there is always a better way to deliver whatever thing that you are doing.

This is one of the reasons why I am careful with the kind of people that I follow on social media. 

I make sure to follow the best of the best, therefore letting the best content come to me based on my actions.

Following the right people is vital especially for those with a huge workload. 

This will help you optimize anytime that you are on Social Media or other forms of Content discovery platforms like Medium and Refind.

Sharpening your skills also Involves creating more content or work consistently.

You have to make sure that you are applying whatever that you are learning. 

Your work has to be memorable and that can be only achieved with constant practice.

Seeing your business as a client too will make you devote time to getting better at it.

Making out time to grow your business is as Important as serving paying clients. 

This is what makes the difference between the creatives that earn peanuts and those who earn the big bucks.


I write about Life, Branding, Innovation and Blockchain. Visit me on Medium.
I write about Life, Branding, Innovation and Blockchain. Visit me on Medium.
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