I’m reading a book called “Why Forgive” by Johann Christoph Arnold and it mentions that it is possible for people to lose the ability to love. Can hurt really burn such a deep hole inside of us to cause only hate? 

The Power of Forgiveness

I must have more faith in humankind. However, it does talk about forgiveness in its various stages. Forgiveness, it explains, goes beyond the deed to understand why somebody has done the deed. We don’t have to forget the deed, but we can forgive and understand that all human beings are flawed. 

This is why I preach so much on forgiveness and love because I see beyond this reality. I see how easy people are being turned against one another through today’s society and the stories that the media publish. The problem with today’s existence in society is that we don’t want to look at ourselves as a singular human being and admit that they are part of this problematic human race who murders, rapes, beats, steals, and bombs one another. Nah, it’s always easier to blame someone else.

Kindness is a Choice

I cannot even say that I would not do one of those things, as I’ve definitely stolen in my lifetime. Sometimes I have some truly evil thoughts that make me ashamed to be human. Thank God for Jesus, who is my redeemer. This is the world we are living in. 

I’m not sure if we can piece ourselves back together, but I think that piecing ourselves back together includes community, love, forgiveness and compassion. To help others, and to heal ourselves, is to give of our hand and time, and time is what each of us is trying to get more of, but even a few seconds of giving to others can give others the hope that they need to go on. 

We don’t all have to be monsters to one another. Most of us simply act out because of fear, but it’s our conscience that speaks the truth. Whenever you feel bad, perhaps you said something that you shouldn’t have, or you have cheated on your partner, conscience tells us what we have done is wrong. Without conscience, we are lost souls. 

Even psychopaths and murderers have a conscience, but it’s buried deeply. To be honest, we don’t know what has happened to these people to cause them to react in the way they did. Perhaps they have lost the ability to love. It’s not our place to judge, but to try our best to forgive.

Power Corrupts in the Wrong Hands

I don’t really want to say that we are now living in the end times, but we are under heavy surveillance in the UK, and I for once don’t believe that it’s to stop crimes. It’s a huge revenue stream. It is no conspiracy that we, as humans, are raped at every corner. I mean having to pay for our survival is ridiculous enough, and a few rich people at the top of the pyramid control the money supply. 

I sure hope it makes these people happy, and that they’re not simply acting out of power and greed, or dare I say ADDICTION. I mean if these people were making decisions from their heart, there would be equality of everything everywhere. Then again, I’m not God, but they surely think that they are.

It’s up to each of us to choose how we treat one another. We can act out of fear and make decisions that suit US ONLY or we can practice compassion and put ourselves in the shoes of others. I sure wish that people who are trained to kill would do this, for this would instantly put the fear of God inside of them. In that moment they would see that they are mere dust in this vast universe. They are simply following orders because to not follow those orders could result in hate from others (betrayal), redundancy, and loss of material things. This is the reality we live in today.

Forgiving The Unforgiveable

Back onto the topic of forgiveness. It’s the hardest-hearted of today’s society who needs our help the most. These people have forgotten how to love. We need to help them forgive others and themselves. It’s so easy to turn into a hater because society loves people who turn on one another. 

The court gets richer. So, my point is that we all need love from time to time. When we feel like giving up and can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel, perhaps that love karma will turn around and give us a dose of kindness from others.

I’ll type out the paragraph from the book, “Why Forgive” by Johann Christoph Arnold, page 2–3

We all know bitter people. They have an amazing memory for the tiniest detail, and they wallow in self-pity and resentment. They catalog every offense and are always ready to show others how much they have been hurt. On the outside they may appear to be calm and composed, but inside they are about to burst with pent-up feelings. Bitter people defend their grudges constantly: they feel that they have been hurt too deeply and too often, and that this exempts them from the need to forgive. But it is just these people who need to forgive most of all. Their hearts are sometimes so full of rancor that they no longer have the capacity to love.

We can never force people to talk about their pains, but we can be encouraging and non-judgmental. Most of the time, humans just want someone they can trust. 

In this hard-hearted society, it’s up to us to show kindness to others. This can help their heart to blossom and open to love and giving. We can see past people’s actions and see that there is someone afraid and lost in need of guidance. Bitterness can make them seem that they want others to hate them, but there is deep hurt there. If we can love others, we can give others the hope to love again.


I’m a sensitive individual who finds it difficult at times. Have depression, OCD and anxiety. Have set up numerous websites (most expired now), but currently working on pathtothefather.wordpress.com, beauty-zone.co.uk, and 1-minute-reads.com.
I’m a sensitive individual who finds it difficult at times. Have depression, OCD and anxiety. Have set up numerous websites (most expired now), but currently working on pathtothefather.wordpress.com, beauty-zone.co.uk, and 1-minute-reads.com.

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