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Ever have one of those mornings where it’s hard to even get out of bed, much less write?

I have.

If you’ve read some of my stuff lately, you know I put in an insane amount of hours at work. My employer is in growth mode and that is just the price we pay to make it happen.

So after another 12 hour day, it’s super easy to roll over and hit the snooze button a time or two in the morning.

Here’s the conversation I have with myself when I’m awakened from a deep, satisfying sleep.

Oh, man. Is it morning already? I feel like I just got into bed. Maybe I should tell my friends I decided to become an introvert so they’ll leave me alone. Maybe I’ll shoot for five hours sleep tonight. Maybe I’ll just jump aboard a spaceship and sail to another corner of the universe and let them do experiments on me.

Then I come to my senses and get up.

Jump Out of Bed Instead

I recently started using Mel Robbin’s 5 Second Rule to give myself a push when I need one.

Here’s how the 5 Second Rule works. You count from 5 down to 1, then you go! It’s the same way a rocket takes off.

You can launch yourself into productivity like a rocket, too.

When you do, and you start getting stuff done, you’ll get excited.

Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash

Fill Up Your Tank

Without a doubt, we are emotional creatures.

Some of my most productive times have been when I’m angry. Or excited. Or hurt.

The one thing in common here is emotion.

Are you adding your emotion to your writing?

Maybe you think, why on Earth would I want to do that? Won’t I feel exposed? Won’t I feel silly? Won’t people think I’m just being manipulative?


People want to read words that resonate with themWhen you hold back and play it safe, it’s like taking a bath in lukewarm water. You might get clean, but you won’t feel refreshed or feel better afterward.

You have the best times when you laugh, gripe, or do something daring. Give people something that will grab their attention and make them glad they spent time with you. Have fun. Say something edgy. Make them drop their jaws in amazement.

Some may complain. But others will love you for it!

Stand Tall and Have Fun

Science tells us that our minds and bodies are so well connected we can think our way into confidence.

The opposite is true, too. If you assume the posture of what you want, you’ll get it, won’t you?

Actors know this. That’s why they are very strategic about their body language.

Leaders stand tall. They walk with measured, large strides. And they move at their own speed as if they set the tone for those around them.

Even a lab coat can convey authority, as Stanley Milgram discovered in his famous electric shock experiments.

You can also slump and begin to feel sad and worthless.

What does this have to do with writing?

Everything — if you want to make an impact.

If you’re not feeling it, act like you do. Fake it until you really make it. It’s not that hard to fool your mind into believing you’re mad, excited, or bored.

So go ahead and hack yourself into writing stuff people want to read.

Write From the Gut

Ever have an idea just come to you out if the blue?

When it happens, you think, “Wow. This is great. Where on earth did that come from? This could literally change everything. Woohoo!”

That’s your gut talking.

No, not because you’re stomach is empty.

It’s that instinct inside you that knows what you want. It’s your inside link to your bliss. It’s the voice that prompts you with things like:

  • You know you should do this.
  • There’s no time like now to act.
  • Come on, you know you want to!

Maybe it’s the devil on your shoulder. But probably not. It’s the best you trying to pull you out of where you’re stuck and into where you need to be.

When you act from the gut, you do it right away, don’t you? Why not? It just feels so right, it’s a no-brainer.

That’s the way you should write.

Get excited about something. Spill out your thoughts on paper. Don’t hold back anything. Act like your best friend is there with you and write it like you’d say it to them.

And don’t polish your personality out when you publish. We want you — the real you — not some fake who’s playing it safe.

Be Gloriously Imperfect

We’re all messy. We lie when we say we’ve got it all together. But since we want to impress, we lie.

The truth is we’d impress people more when we show them our gloriously imperfect selves, warts, flaws, and all.

So write from the heart — your real heart. Then you’ll change the world for those you’re called to serve. You’ll make a real difference. And you might even turn into a great writer everyone can love!

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