I received an email from a man whose son is currently serving eleven and a half years in prison for a non-violent drug offense. He told me that his son read an article about me in the Omaha World Herald and wanted to reach out to me. After connecting with Brett through a prison email system, I sent him a copy of my book Dishonor. Soon after, he was transferred to another facility. The copy I sent him did not make it to the new location right away, so I sent him another one. We have been communication since and he wanted to share a little bit about his experience with my book.

Guest post by Brett Booker:

There I was, utterly depressed and lacking hope. I felt as if my life was over. Sure, I was young and healthy on the outside, but demented within. I remember making good progress in turning my life around, yet on this particular day, reality sunk in. I will rot in this primeval prison for the next ten years!

I happened to be walking the track at the time, and so desperately wanted to catch a glimpse of a tree. Rather, I got the gloomy backdrop of the forty foot walls surrounding me. As I plopped down on a bench to take a break, I found an older gentleman reading the newspaper. The Omaha World Herald, to be exact.


I politely asked to see the front page that he had just finished reading, and opened up straight into a story about this guy named David Mike, and his book Dishonor. I read the whole story in awe, and told myself that I was determined to meet him. To hear more about his story of transformation. Something I desperately desired. And just maybe, I could use his story as inspiration to have similar good fortune in my life.

Since then, I have continued to correspond with David, and have shared his book at United States Prison Leavenworth in Kansas and through ConAir to my fellow prisoners at Federal Correctional Institution Sandstone in Minnesota. Everyone who I’ve shared and thus read David’s book has become inspired to change.


To stop the endless cycle of misery and discontent. If David did it, why can’t I?For me, his story, among others, helped me keep my momentum towards self-mastery and utter transformation. I found solace in his book when I was surrounded by violence, despondency and despair.

While reading his story, it was almost as if I was reading my story, for we have so much in common. Different faces and places, but the same struggles with addiction, despair and hopelessness. I truly admire David. He has been so helpful and willing to provide advice and wisdom in my own journey.


He isn’t doing this because he has to, he is doing this because he wants to. He has arrived at a place of joy and contentment, and now seems to be obligated to share that message with others. And for that, I am extremely grateful and indebted to David.

And best of all, he provided me with multiple copies of his book for free! It can’t get better than that. It is the gift that keeps on giving!

My name is Brett Booker and, if you would like to read more about me, you can check me out at www.BookerParadox.Com.

And if you don’t have a copy of Dishonor yet, what are you waiting for?

Go get it!

Dishonor: One Soldier's Journey from Desertion to Redemption by David Mike

Please pray for Brett as he will be confined for quite some time. Pray that he find peace and safety inside the walls and when he gets out that he is welcomed back into society with grace, forgiveness and acceptance.

Thank you to all of the generous donors that make it possible to send my book to inmates. I am honored to be able to share my story knowing that God is using my mess for His message.

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