Before we kick the bucket, achieve as many dreams on your bucket list as you can.

We are being encouraged to draw up our bucket list of things we want to do before we die. Places to see, friends to reconnect with, new experiences to try.

Surely the Grand Canyon would be on many people’s bucket list. I know it’s on mine.

Travel! It fits right into the consumer mindset of our culture- pleasure and fulfillment.

You no doubt have heard of the gray nomads. These are the newly retired- and because they have the time to travel- the term has been coined: Spending the Kid’s Inheritance.

Gone are the days when we retired simply to die. Indeed some estimates have been made that our longevity is increasing in our retirement years with the advances of medical technology, and now our retirement savings have to last much longer than our forefathers.

So back to my question: Have you been to the Grand Canyon and seen it?

Having answered the question, and particularly if your answer was affirmative, indulge your senses and enjoy the hiking expedition of these intrepid explorers.

There is the fact of seeing the Grand Canyon as part of a tour, and then there is SEEING the Grand Canyon!


But if this post was simply about travel- or advocating you see this or that- when all boiled down it would be a matter of personal preference and what you can afford.

Rather, I simply want to pause and ask “What for?”

I want to pause and think through what I do and why I do it.

I have survived prostate cancer now going on for two years. I know that life is spelled T.I.M.E. When my days allotted to me on this earth are finished, will your family look longingly at the photographs you were able to text them from many exotic places of the world, or will they value a legacy different to that?

Is your life going to be consumed with time for you now that you are an empty nester with time and money ( at least some) in your pocket?

Retirement is a time for choice. That’s for sure! Choices matter. I just plead with you to see what you choose to see- and in all your doing-SEE it. Savor it. EXPERIENCE the places you choose to visit.

Perhaps you may want to travel at a slower pace, and in seeing less, you may see more.

May your life be lived happily- with your bucket list of dreams fulfilled.

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