SoI was watching a Nike commercial for a Marketing Class. And, just as You-tube hopes and predicted I would, I clicked on a related video. Another Nike ad – and greatness.

It was called Nike: Find Your Greatness

And I think we can all agree that if there’s one company that can make ads that give you goosebumps. It’s Nike. At this point, I am considering playing Nike ad every morning so I am inspired and reminded to Just Do It, first thing. I am sure there are multiple self help articles on medium already instructing me to do just that.

But, in this case; the commercial made me think about something other than Just doing it.

And that is: How incredibly important playing sports are. Now, maybe you reading this are a professional hockey player and you without a doubt have already figured out the importance of sports.

However, A lot of us aren’t professional hockey players, In fact, most of us aren’t.

I am an artist. Like I want to paint on a canvas all day type of artist. So the importance of sports aren’t inherently apparent in my type of community. In fact, I would say it’s severely lacking.

I think mostly because if you’re a creative individual you tend to want to disassociate with the mainstream sport loving public, but also of course because me running a marathon won’t make me a better painter.

Or will it? What the Nike commercial was communicating was different types of Greatness and they remind you of the greatness and achievement scoring a goal is. Even if you’re “just” 10 and on a tiny field.

By watching this commercial I was hit by a wave of nostalgia and enlightenment about what it truly means to be great.

Greatness used to mean being the best player in a football game. Greatness used to mean everyone cheering you on. When we were children, great people were the ones who could land a kick-flip or had the most Pokemon cards.

As adults however, the goal of greatness is often put so far ahead that greatness is only for a select few.

Greatness for adults means winning the world cup.

Greatness is getting a Phd or successfully launching your own business

Most adults don’t experience greatness like we used to. And I think being able to is crucial to our well being.

Which is why I advocate for sports! Meaning any activity with a goal that you do with other people.

Because feeling successful, great, magnificent and awe-inspiring should be something we strive for and achieve more frequently than every 10 years.

Whenever I write something kind and empathetic, no one believes me, and everyone thinks I am being sarcastic.
Whenever I write something kind and empathetic, no one believes me, and everyone thinks I am being sarcastic.
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