She spent hours and hours, flawlessly designing the perfect profile. She added photos that made her look more beautiful than she was and mastered the art of adding strangers, like her friends. Why wouldn’t they want to be her friend? She was stunning, and she composed charming messages to her carefully selected “people”. 

A mission was burning away in her lonely mind. She would make him want her. She would make him obsess over her. She knew exactly what she was doing. 

After she chose family members off the internet and posted their photos, she spent days adding mutual friends of his, so he would finally become attracted to her. He would see that they had 27 “mutual friends”, and it would be enough to make her seem intriguing. Perhaps she was a friend of a friend or a sister of someone he knew. She may even look familiar as a past co-worker. 

All she knew, was that she had to get his attention. It would take some time, but he would find her friend request and accept it. She knew him very well, and every effort she put in, was through her own obsession. 

It happened. He accepted her request, and she was instantly satisfied. Finally, he was accessible enough that she could get to know him, on a deeper level. He had no idea who she was. But, that would change, very quickly. At least that was her hope. She messaged him with a brief “hi, how are you?” and watched as the tiny dots popped up on her messenger. He was replying. 

“I’m doing good. How are you?” She knew she had him in her grip. She sent back a few more carefree, breezy responses, and turned away from her phone. She wanted to play hard to get, just to see if he would show interest in her. 

The next day, he had sent a private message, and she grinned as she saw all of the “likes” he had put on her photos and posts. Her plan was working, and her flesh covered itself in goosebumps. She sent him a “winky face” and began her mission. 

It worked. He began messaging her every few days, at first, and then it became a daily routine. She awoke to “Good Mornings” and he said “Goodnight” before he went to bed. Before long, he was asking for more photos. She would surprise him with provocative images of curves and breasts that she knew, would impress him. 

Their conversations were blatant flirtations and secrets that he never shared with his wife. Every day he asked to speak on the phone, but she told him, “I am not ready for that yet.” She wanted the internet relationship to carry on for a while longer before she trusted that he would do as she planned. 

One night, as she lay in bed, her phone buzzed with continual messages. One after the other, lit up her screen, and she scrolled through, carefully reading each sentence. “I can’t stop thinking about you”. “I want to see you”. “I need more of you”. “You have me so entranced”. “You say things that my wife would never say and I love that”. “You’re so sexy”. 

She had him. 

As she read his flirts, her heart raced. She felt a lump in her throat and a chill course through her. This was it, she thought. It was time. 

“I am always thinking about you too” “You are like an obsession”. “Maybe we should finally meet up?” 

He replied with a short, “When? Where?” 

Her fingers trembled. She had to take a few moments to consider the safest place to meet up with this married man. She knew she had no choice if she wanted to finally face him, and see if her suspicions and intuition were right. She wanted to look into his eyes. She needed to meet him. He had been her obsession for so long. Her twisted, secret obsession. 

“Motel 6. On the highway, Friday night?” She waited for his response. 

In less than 30 seconds, the words popped up. “Sure. See you then. I am beyond excited. I will figure out a way to spend the night. I usually work away from home, so it won’t be questioned.” 

Her excitement and nerves boiled over. She had finally made the plan and was going to see it all come into fruition. She had waited, way too long, to finally do this. She couldn’t wait to see his face. 

Friday came, and although her nerves were trying to win her over, she kept reminding herself that this was something that she needed to do. She had to stick to the plan. 

She hoped that he wouldn’t be too disappointed that she didn’t look “exactly” like her profile pictures, or the photos she shared with him. She shrugged it off, and did her best to smile. Deep down, she knew that he would be much more than disappointed. He would be down right terrified. 

She never bothered putting make up on, or changing into her nicest clothing. She felt that when she met him, he would understand. He wouldn’t notice if her hair was done, or if she was wearing sexy underwear. She didn’t even shave her legs. To do so, would be too presumptuous. He most likely envisioned them tangled up in a musty smelling motel mattress. Her vision was much different. 

She finished work for the day, and went home, as usual, to make her husband dinner. The two of them chatted idly, as she nervously watched the clock. It was getting close to her meet up time but she needed him to leave the house, so she could get out. Between bites of chicken and rice, she told him she had plans with her girlfriend, and she was going to be out late. 

“That’s okay. I have a late shift at work tonight anyhow. In fact, I better get on the road.” He stood to scrape his plate and put it in the dishwasher, kissing her cheek, before he drove off to his job. She took a few moments to check her reflection. A shudder ran through her, as she put her hair in a ponytail, and placed a ball cap on her head. There was no sense trying to look more beautiful than she was tonight, she thought. She grabbed her keys from the hook, and scanned the yard to make sure her husband’s vehicle was gone. 

As she drove down the highway, fear and raw energy made her hands tremble on the steering wheel. She nervously scanned her mirrors repeatedly, to make sure no one was following her. Paranoia began to creep in. She questioned whether she was making the right decision. She was betraying her husband, but somehow felt it was warranted. He had cheated on her before, and her heart still had open wounds from the shame. 

She told herself that she was doing the right thing, and that it would be over, as soon as the man saw her. Her trepidation didn’t get the best of her, and she circled the motel, looking for the pickup truck from his facebook photos. 

At first, she didn’t see it, and she chose to drive through the parking lot, with her headlights off. She wondered what he would say when he saw her, for the first and possibly last time. He only knew her as her profile, Eva S, and from the images that she had sent him over the previous weeks. 

Her heart raced when she spotted his truck. A dark shadow told her that he was sitting inside the cab, looking at his phone. Her phone lit up with, “I’m here”. She gasped and tried not to hold her breath, as she parked behind the building. She didn’t want him to see her quite yet. 

After a quick glance in her rearview mirror, she felt like she had aged a few years, during the short drive to the motel. Her body trembled as she reached for her door handle, to slide out of her car. She was ready. 

Without answering his text, she walked around the outside of the building and crept up to his truck. As she got closer to his driver’s side, she could hear her heart pounding in her head. She had waited for this moment for so long. It would be the most satisfying and devastating feeling in her life. But, she was ready. 

She took a deep breath and approached his window. He was still staring at his phone, waiting for Eva S’s reply that she was here. Eva S was NOT there. There was no such person as Eva S. She was beautiful imagery, a dirty vocabulary and a perfectly captured body, scored from images on Google Search. She was a design of the perfect woman, unlike the woman who stood at the truck window, of a man of betrayal. 

She tapped on the window slightly, causing him to jump, taking his focus from his phone. 

He glanced out the window, with darkness and street lights outlining a woman’s face. At first, he smiled that smile that won her over, years ago. Then the look of pure fear and shock forced his blue eyes wide open and his eyebrows to almost disappear into his forehead. 

With his truck engine still running, it looked as though he was planning on putting it into reverse, but then his hand stopped. The woman, who should have been Eva S, stood patiently, staring at the man coldly. Her thin arms wrapped around her angry chest. 

Finally, he gave in and pushed the button to make his window slide down. She didn’t move. Her body was taken over in rage, and he looked as if he was seeing an apparition. 

He tried to sound confused, and casual. “Well, hi honey. What are you doing here? I thought you were meeting your girlfriend tonight”. 

She stared him down, looking at the eyes she had fallen in love with, and learned to never trust, over their 15 years of marriage. “And I stupidly thought you were going to work”, she lied. “I guess we are both guilty of lying this evening”. Her words sounded cold and heartless. “What are you doing at Motel 6?” She couldn’t wait for his excuse. 

He stammered, and she watched him calculate his next words, before he muttered, “Oh, I am just here waiting for someone for…umm.. work.” 

Without a word, she pulled her phone from her pocket and opened up Eva S’s profile page. Her fingers shook, as she wrapped them tightly around the iPhone that he had gifted her, only months before. She threw the device as hard as she could, watching it bounce aggressively off the passenger window, inside the cab of his prized pickup, before rebounding and landing on the shotgun seat. 

When the phone landed, images of Eva S’s fake breasts and curved, perfect body popped up on the screen. He gripped the phone and stared at it in horror. 

“I will be calling the divorce lawyer tomorrow. I hope you and Eva S have a wonderful hook-up tonight. If she wants you, she can have you”. 

With that, she turned on her heels and stormed back to her car. He never got out of his truck, fearing what she would do next. As she drove past him, he was banging his steering wheel and cursing to himself. 

And she and Eva S finally had their freedom. 

Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

Early Childhood professional/Ghost Writer/ Freelancer/Author/ Creative Rambler- AKA Marley Haus- Everyone has a STORY, Some of us love to write them. Visit Christina on
Early Childhood professional/Ghost Writer/ Freelancer/Author/ Creative Rambler- AKA Marley Haus- Everyone has a STORY, Some of us love to write them. Visit Christina on

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