Take an inventory of yourself and figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are.

I will be honest with you my dear friends.

I am absolutely terrible at a lot of things.

No seriously.

Here is a list of all the things that I am bad at:


Repairing things that are broken (I am not handy at all)


Arts and Crafts types of things.

Swimming (I still don’t know how to swim)

It Does Not Matter

I have learned as I have gotten older that many of us focus on our weaknesses. We tend to get down on ourselves about all the things we are bad at. We hate all of our flaws. A lot of people wish they were perfect.

But perfection is truly impossible.

I have learned to focus on my strengths.

But in order to focus on my strengths, I had to first take time to figure out what my strengths were.

Here is a list of my strengths:

Writing. (I have been focusing on developing my writing skills for the past 4 months and have just recently started to see drastic improvement)

Public speaking.




Making friends/networking.

I Figured Out How To Hack My Life


I put all my focus on continuing to develop my strengths and limit my weaknesses. I hacked my life and found ways to revolve my goals and my happiness around all the things that I am good at.

For example:

I write every single day and publish a lot of my work on PublishousNOWThe Writing Cooperative and Writers Guild. I try to make an impact on as many people as I can every single day with my writing.

I have spent the past 13 years of my life in various Sales jobs and have worked diligently to evolve into the best sales professional I can be.

I love speaking in front of other people as often as possible. Public speaking is one of my favorite things to do. (Did you know that public speaking is rated as the #1 fear in America?)

My first Entrepreneurship venture failed a few years ago but I have learned from my mistakes and am in the process of opening up a family business with my fiancee and my soon to be father in law. I also manage my Blog and my website like they are my business.

I have always loved sports and for the most part, excelled in them. I trained in Mixed Martial Arts for 6 years off and on and fought in 2 cage fights. I still remain very active and exercise regularly and enjoy playing sports with my friends whenever I get the chance.

Over the years, I have met many high-quality people and I have been able to build up a solid professional and personal network. I do not know how to do everything but whenever I need something to get done, I usually know someone that can help me. There is power in knowing the right person. I have learned to use my high-level communication skills and people skills to connect with great human beings that have considerably enriched my life. Along the way, I have worked extremely hard to try to enrich their lives as well.

Weaknesses Do Not Have To Lower The Quality Of Your Life

I can not remember the last time I had to do Algebra.

My fiancee is a phenomenal cook so I still eat great meals even though I am terrible in the kitchen. (Thank you, Sierra!)

My livelihood does not depend on my ability to build a desk or create a beautiful painting. I create my art through my written and spoken words. My voice is my paintbrush. The world is my canvas.

Even though I can’t swim I still love the water. I live close to the ocean and I enjoy going to the beach and hanging out in the water. I just make sure I do not go too far out so that I do not drown.

It’s simple.

I can’t swim, so I stay within my limits.

Life is simple when you are self-aware.

I am excited for you to live the kind of life that you want to live.

But first, you must become self-aware.

Your Turn

What are some of your strengths and weaknesses?

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I am an aspiring writer and blogger. I am passionate about writing, sales, entrepreneurship, and self-improvement. I am always working to deliver value to my readers.
I am an aspiring writer and blogger. I am passionate about writing, sales, entrepreneurship, and self-improvement. I am always working to deliver value to my readers.
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