Compare your making your way to work with walking.

 How much do you see along the way there driving? Taking public transport? Not much. The drivers doing idiotic maneuvers in range of your bumper surely holds your attention enough…or the ‘barely there’ atmosphere of the ‘surrounders’ in that bus…

What happens with walking? Not that many obstacles… unless your neighborhood sidewalks have ruthless canine attackers or slippery surfaces.

What really happens with walking is the view on the way.

 My best meditative times in thought and prayer are on the footpaths of life, on the way…

Which of these have you noticed while walking?

— Flowers pushing their way through cracks or seams in the sidewalk,

— Birds singing their hearts out for joy,

— Kids reveling in play outside.

And then again there are others:

— Homeless men meandering back to a sleeping place,

— Elderly women, faces etched with pain, struggling on their way to a shop,

— Indifferent people enveloped in the media mist their phones have metastasized into.

Faith-walking has the same:

— Blessings of growth observed springing from the tiniest of faith seeds,

— Hearts swelling in praise among the fellowship of brethren, as well as my own,

— Newly born faith reveling in joy and awash with stories about it.

Not to mention:

— Needs all around needing addressing among the needy poor, the sick and elderly. Overwhelming needs of friends and family needing, pleading….

— Self -induced indifference, creeping from behind, to be purged at all cost.

Best of all?

Talking with the loving Father first thing. 

Enjoying His attention. 

Listening as He speaks through all these things, by His Holy Spirit during the privilege known as…



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